Outlander fans are between new episodes right now. The first half of season 7 is over and the second half will be along sometime in 2024. That means they can savor the somewhat happy ending they got, with Jamie, Claire and Young Ian all headed for Scotland.

Speaking on the official Outlander podcast, executive producer Matthew B. Roberts gently warned fans to prepare for choppy seas ahead. “The one thing that was mandatory when we were breaking the first half is we have to end on an upbeat,” he said. “We all know what happens to these two people. They are good people and bad things happen to good people.”

So Claire and Jamie will go through some ups and downs in the second half of season 7, what else is new? But how will their story end? After season 7, we have one more season to go. Roberts could only promise that the eighth and final season of Outlander will be “fantastic.”

Outlander will end in a way that’s “fair” to diehard fans

Originally, Outlander was going to end with season 7, so when the team learned there was an eighth in the offing, they had to “rethink everything,” according to Roberts. Apparently they have a “good plan” going forward that involves ending the story of Jamie and Claire Fraser “on a high.”

Does “high” mean that Jamie and Claire will ride off into the sunset in married bliss or die spectacularly? On Outlander, you never really know, although Roberts did say that they want to be “fair” to the diehard fanbase. “We don’t want to wedge an ending in there,” he said. “[That would] not be fair to anybody.”

It’ll be a while before we find out exactly what he means. Until then, the second half of Outlander season 7 is due out sometime next year.

Source: winteriscoming.net

By Ivaylo Angelov

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