Though  Outlander season 6 has only just premiered on Starz Play, executive producer Matthew B. Roberts is already teasing what we can expect from Outlander season 7.

The showrunner was speaking with SYFY Wire when he revealed more information about the problems they faced in the shortened season six before adding what fans can expect from the recently confirmed season 7.

Explaining that due to both the pandemic and co-lead Caitriona Balfe’s ongoing pregnancy meant that they had to revise how much they could film in season six.

This led to the final truncated eight-episode format, and in a bid to make up for the lost filming time an extended seventh season, which fans will be delighted to know will have 16 episodes.

He said: “We had to revise the scripts as we started to go [back] to keep everybody safe. And then with Caitriona’s pregnancy, we wanted to make sure she was safe, and that she worked only to a certain point. We wanted to make sure she got out and had enough time to deliver her baby.”

With them already having sent out scripts for the new season and Diana Gabaldon confirming she’s helping with the writing it’s set to be an exciting time for show lovers.

Roberts added: “I will say I’m really happy with what we have for Season 7 right now. I don’t want to talk too much about that because Season 6 is amazing.

“But Season 7 is going to be… Well, tune in.”

One other thing that was of interest was that when asked about the possibility of the return of the standing stones or time travel to the show for season six, he answered: “I think that the stones…you might need to wait until Season 7.”


By Damyan Ivanov

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