Outlander newcomer Charles Vandervaart says “things are gonna get a lot more complicated” for his character William Ransom throughout season 7.

In the time-twisting period epic, which releases a new episode every week on both Lionsgate+ and Starz, William has now encountered his half-sister Brianna and Young Ian, but the lingering question is: are there more loaded family reunions on the horizon?

“Absolutely,” confirmed Vandervaart in a Digital Spy exclusive.

“William’s in a really weird position right now because he keeps meeting these people and it’s a lot more complicated for them. But William is just meeting someone that seems really nice or who’s trying to save his life.

“But for them, it’s like I’m meeting my brother or I’m meeting my cousin,” he elaborated. “And yeah, I think things are gonna get a lot more complicated for William when he does kind of realise who these people are.

“I think it’s a nice thought that William has family everywhere he goes, you know, whether or not he knows it.”

Delving into William’s evolution, the Lost in Space cast member also went on to share: “I think when we meet him at the beginning [of season 7], he’s still quite naive. He still doesn’t really understand how the world works, he has really romanticised ideas about war.

“He thinks he’s invincible, because why else would he think anything different? Because, you know, he’s been cooped up in his little mansion in England.

“He comes from such a life of privilege that I think reality is going to hit really hard and we see that immediately he has some kind of adventure to go on.”

Source: digitalspy.com

By Ivaylo Angelov

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