Outlander star Sam Heughan briefly stepped away from his role as Jamie Fraser to discuss his new memoir Waypoints. The actor recalled the moment he met his father as an adult and how their similarities left him unsettled.

Sam revealed the first time he met his father was on his deathbed, but only noticed their likeness while they were on a walk.

As the lead actor of Starz’s acclaimed drama, Sam released his memoir to give fans an opportunity to learn more about his personal life.

While he discussed Waypoints, the 42-year-old reflected on his upbringing and described his father as “not there” and “absent”.

“In my life, I knew nothing about him really, so for me to go and see him in Canada was a really, really interesting experience.”

Sam explained: “Partly for an actor, part of my acting brain was like ‘oh I’m going to use this and discover more about myself.’

“But the other part of me, I guess the child in me was pretty anxious.”

The actor admitted: “It was odd, I think a man that has no influence in my life. I remember I was walking next to him and I realised we had the same movement pattern.

“The same gait, the same step and I thought that was really intriguing and quite unsettling.”

Speaking on their reunion, Sam shared: “The book is quite possibly a way for me to put it to rest.

“I think there’s been a part of me that’s sort of not wanted to be him or emulate him, but also to accept him and accept that he has been a part of my life despite not being there.”

He added: “I think it is some sort of therapy, the book.”

Although Sam’s character, Jamie is a doting father to his adult daughter Brianna Fraser (Sophie Skelton), he also has a secret, illegitimate son, William Ranson (Oliver Finnegan)

Fans will recall the season three episode when Jamie had a one-night stand with the Countess of Ellesmere, Geneva Dunsany (Hannah James).

At the time, he was in England and working at Helwater Estate as a servant, although he was devoted to Claire Fraser (Caitriona Balfe), he was persuaded to sleep with Geneva.

She was due to be wed to the elderly Eighth Earl of Ellesmere and decided she wanted to lose her virginity to Jamie rather than her husband-to-be, Ludovic Ransom.

Geneva died shortly after birth and after a drunk Ludovic threatened to drop the baby out of the window but was stopped and eventually killed by Jamie.

William was then raised by Lord John Grey (David Berry), his legal guardian and husband of Geneva’s younger sister, Isobel Dunsany (Tanya Reynolds).

The truth about William’s paternity was kept under wraps because Jamie was a servant and this meant the youngster would lose his title.

While Jamie was still working at Helwater Estate he was there for William and taught him a number of skills until they parted ways when he was six years old.

Thankfully for fans, William will soon be back on screens as Outlander confirmed they had cast an adult version of Jamie’s son for season seven.

Source: express.co.uk

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