Outlander star Sam Heughan didn’t tell his Love Again co-star Priyanka Chopra Jonas how the show will end.

Directed by James C Strouse, the romcom, which stars ​​Heughan as music journalist Rob Burns, and Chopra Jonas as Mira Ray, sees Mira struggling with the death of her fiancé.

To deal with her grief, Mira sends a series of touching text messages to her late fiancé’s old phone number, which now belongs to Rob.

When Rob is tasked with interviewing Celine Dion for an article, the singer, who plays a fictionalised version of herself in the movie, helps Rob on his mission to meet Mira and find love.

Speaking exclusively to Digital Spy, the stars revealed that despite spending a lot of time together in lockdown in 2020, Heughan didn’t tell Chopra how Outlander will end.

According to Chopra, she didn’t even ask Heughan, who has starred as Jamie Fraser in the Starz drama series Outlander since the show’s inception in 2014, how the show would end out of respect.

“No, because I think it’s above his pay grade too,” she quipped. “We definitely get on really well. But I have been on enough secret shows to know I can’t ask some questions!”

“Right! We spent a lot of time together,” added Sam. “And I think we were very lucky because we were shooting during a pandemic and we were in our own bubble. It meant that we got to spend time together, not only us but the rest of our cast, and we just got on like this little small family, COVID family.”

Meanwhile, Heughan praised Celine Dion for her work in the film, saying: “Isn’t she wonderful? She’s just such an incredible person. I think she should have been in a movie, but I’m glad she saved herself for us and she’s created five new original tracks for us.”

Source: digitalspy.com

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