The Scottish actor chose his favourite moment he shared with Catriona Balfe of Jamie and Claire’s romance on the Starz historical romance and it’s back where it all began.

Outlander fans are eagerly awaiting the second half of season seven to find out how the bombshell series will end. However many people have taken to re-watching the previous seasons to get their fix from the current ‘Droughtlander’.

Luckily fans can also look forward to the release of the prequel Blood of My Blood, which has started filming again in Glasgow. The hit Starz series saw Diana Gabaldon’s best-selling books come to life for the historical romance of Claire and Jamie Fraser.

And now Sam Heughan, who plays Jamie, has opened up about his favourite moment between the two characters – with Caitriona Balfe starring as Claire. Despite their many adventures its a moment from the first season which is the actor’s most fond memory.

When asked by Buzzfeed News what his favourite ever Claire and Jamie scene is, the Scottish hunk responded with a smile according to the Scottish Express and said: “There’s a lot of love in Outlander… You know, it always goes back to season 1.”

“The wedding, I think, is, you know – new love right? People falling in love,” he added.

It comes as Caitriona also opened up previously about her experiences as Claire in the hit TV adaptation, admitting she struggled with ‘challenging’ scenes in series seven, some of which yet to air, following her dad’s tragic passing.

The actress’ dad James ‘Jim’ Balfe passed away in August 2022 and she confessed to hitting some ‘low points’ during filming. She hinted to fans during the ATX TV Festival that there’s bigger and better to come although episodes could contain rather grim watching.

She added: “There’s a scene, there’s a sequence of scenes that were really, really challenging. I think my [low point] was trying to figure out how we were going do it and it was really tough.

“It was also a tough time personally because it was not that long after my dad had passed and it was a very hard thing to sort of get myself into the headspace for and there was a big struggle about how we were going to do it. There was lots of notes going back and forth.”


By Ivaylo Angelov

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