Outlander star Sam Heughan has hinted at some huge changes to come for Jamie Fraser once the hunky Highlander and his time-travelling wife Claire return for more adventures next year.

Fans are patiently waiting for new episodes of Outlander to hit screens as Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe continue filming the highly anticipated seventh season in Scotland. However, the next outing of the hit Starz series may look a little different at some point following a cryptic teaser from the show’s leading man.

Sam has revealed he recently had prosthetics applied which could hint at a dramatic physical alteration for Jamie in the near future.

The Scottish star has recently been promoting his new memoir, Waypoints, whilst fans are still awaiting the seventh season of Outlander.

In a recent interview, he opened up about his love of the fantasy genre, and even put himself forward for a role in The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power.

“I’m still desperate to be an elf or a dwarf,” he admitted.

“So if The Rings of Power are still casting, I’m available! I’ve even got a ginger wig if they’re interested.”

Audible host Holly Newson replied: “I can imagine you as an elf.”

To which Sam added: “Thank you. Well, I may have had some prosthetics done at some point.

“You might see in the future,” he teased. “It was a lot of fun.”

Unfortunately, Sam didn’t confirm whether or not the prosthetics were part of the new season of Outlander.

However, as filming is currently still underway, there’s a strong chance the actor is alluding to a dramatic moment for Jamie at some point in the upcoming season.

The Highland warrior turned family man could be seriously injured once the battle to protect Fraser’s Ridge resumes at the start of the new season.

Jamie has a tough road ahead after his wife Claire was imprisoned hundreds of miles away from the Ridge, and could suffer some serious setbacks along the way.

Alternatively, Sam could have donned some old-age makeup for a flash-forward to Jamie and Claire’s final years together.

On the other hand, it’s also possible the star was referring to any number of other roles he has in the pipeline.

He has recently been attached to a role in the planned video game adaptation Days Gone.

The PlayStation 4 hit takes place in a zombie apocalypse, which is a genre that makes frequent use of gory prosthetics and special effects when adapted to film.

Sam is also starring alongside Priyanka Chopra and Celine Dion in the upcoming rom-com Love Again, though this project is less likely to feature heavy prosthetics.

Otherwise, the actor may have finally landed his dream role as a fantasy creature in an as-yet-unannounced film or television project.

Hopefully, all will be revealed soon as new episodes of Outlander are predicted to begin airing at some point next year.

Outlander seasons 1-6 are available on Starz in the USA and Lionsgate+ via Amazon Prime Video in the UK.

Source: express.co.uk

By Ivaylo Angelov

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