Outlander star Sam Heughan shares Photos from the season 6

Sam Heughan celebrates wrapping production on Outlander season 6 with photos from the episodes to come, set to premiere in early 2022.

Sam Heughan and the cast of Outlander are celebrating wrapping production on season 6 after a tumultuous year of delays and uncertainty. They managed to get it done, and all in time for World Outlander Day!

Earlier this week, it was announced that Outlander season 6 will only have eight episodes. Given the pandemic and the unpredictable weather in Scotland, it’s a miracle they were even able to do that. But fret not, because season 7 will have 16 episodes, which will more than compensate.

Sam Heughan shared a first look at the upcoming season on his Instagram. Those who have read the sixth Outlander book, A Breath of Snow and Ashes, have an idea of what’s coming. And those who haven’t, well, you can probably guess it’s not going to be all butterflies and rainbows for the Fraser family.

Claire (Caitriona Balfe) endured a devastating assault at the end of season 5, and it’s likely the sixth season will explore her recovery from the trauma. It’s a situation that the Frasers understand all too well, so I imagine the family will become even closer than ever.

Sophie Skelton’s Brianna Fraser and Richard Rankin’s Roger MacKenzie are an integral part of the sixth season as they settle into the life they’ve come to love. Even the stones wouldn’t let them travel back to the future last season!

With the American Revolution around the corner, the Frasers will have to band together to fight forces both military evil and domestic. While colonial America is in the midst of its uprising, things at Fraser’s Ridge are in tumult, which will be a huge part of the sixth season.

In a press release, showrunner Matthew B. Roberts shared that they “are committed to telling the story fully with gripping and bold storylines in the upcoming eight-episode season that introduces viewers to new characters including Tom, Allan, and Malva Christie (Mark Lewis-Jones, Alexander Vlahos, and Jessica Reynolds) who create tension on the Ridge.”

New characters creating drama? We are so here for it!According to Roberts, the sixth season will also reflect STARZ #TakeTheLead initiative “through unapologetic storytelling and powerful female characters.” If we know anything about Outlander, it’s that it prides itself on highlighting some of the strongest female characters we’ve ever seen. Claire and Brianna are forces to be reckoned with, and with the challenges that lie ahead in season 6, we’re excited to see how they tackle them.

Outlander season 6 does not have a premiere date as of yet, but Sam Heughan and Matthew B. Roberts have shared that we can expect the Droughtlander to end sometime in early 2022. Less than a year away? We’ll take it!

Source: winteriscoming.net

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