Outlander star Sam Heughan opened up about a variety of topics in a new interview with The Telegraph.

The 43-year-old Outlander actor discussed the end of his hit series, which will be coming to a close with one final season. In the process, he teased possible plans for his future.

He even revealed if he was interested in auditioning to play James Bond again after he was famously beat out for the role by Daniel Craig.

Elsewhere in the interview, Sam discussed Outlander‘s steamy sex scenes and how he helped make a change on set. He also weighed in on his love life, revealing if he was seeing anyone.

Sam even had more to say about the letter he signed from the group Artists for Palestine UK last month. The actor previously explained that he “inadvertently” added his name to the letter. He offered more about what he really felt about the conflict between Israel and Palestine.

On being involved in the Artists for Palestine UK group letter…
“I was maybe naively calling for peace, which is what we all want, but, unfortunately, that situation is so complex, I can’t understand it all,” Sam admitted. “As an actor, you have a platform, but if you put your thoughts out there, you upset ­people, but you’re also d-mned if you don’t say anything.”

On Outlander ending…
“It’s emotional. For me, the prospect’s hugely bittersweet. It feels like getting out of an institution. Outlander’s like a family, it literally defines who I am,” Sam reflected. “I’m ready for new challenges, but also nervous about what it’s like in the real world,” he says.

He added that he has “no idea” how the show will end yet. However, he said that the show “hadn’t quite got there” to end after the latest season.

“So now we have the problem of pushing the writers to do something that’s hopefully satisfying for the audience, but also exciting,” he opined.

What’s next for Sam? He had some thoughts…

On future plans…
“I’m a workaholic, but I have to be discerning. Whatever I do next, I have to feel really passionate about,” Sam said about his plans after Outlander. He teased possibly getting into directing.

He also addressed auditioning to play James Bond again….

On James Bond…
“I’ll throw my hat in the ring,” Sam said about putting himself out there to play the iconic spy again after losing out on the role to Daniel Craig. “I’d be a brilliant Bond, I’m good at action and I’d bring a lot of ­emotional intelligence.”

On Outlander’s s* x scenes…
“The industry’s completely changed since Outlander started,” Sam reflected on the changing atmosphere and the rise of intimacy coordinators on sets, which he helped bring to his show. “Not just our show but also shows like Game of Thrones were very graphic, with no room for the imagination, in a way that’s quite jarring now. As young, keen actors, we were just expected to get naked and go at it.”

He continued, saying, “Caitríona and I formed a bond and trusted each other, but there were times when we were pushed too far.” That includes a scene where his character was brutally raped. “That really didn’t sit well,” Sam said. He’s previously spoken about the scene in question, saying it “betrayed his trust.”

With an intimacy coordinator, “now everyone knows what the boundaries are, like in a football or rugby match. It’s been so helpful and freeing, and it was because I didn’t want younger actors to go through what we’d gone through. Now, the scenes are sexually charged, but not gratuitous.”

On his love life…
Sam called out lies about his life that are presented as “facts” online. “There’s so much ­nonsense that’s completely false – apparently, I have a daughter. News to me,” he joked, adding that he isn’t even in a relationship at the moment because of his commitment to Outlander.

“It’s insane hours and takes over everything. Caitríona’s carved out a beautiful family for herself that she protects very well, but I’ve seen how hard it is for her to do that. I want a cat, but I’m too scared even for that, how would I look after it? One day, maybe,” he said.

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