Outlander’s Sam Heughan and Poldark’s Eleanor Tomlinson have opened up about the sex scenes in their new drama The Couple Next Door.

The duo are starring in Channel 4’s new psychological thriller that premieres next week, and follows a couple who move to an upscale neighbourhood but soon realise that all isn’t as it seems.

Complicating things even further is that they enter into an open sexual relationship with couple next door, and it soon becomes obvious that one of them is a lot more into it than the other.

Heughan and Tomlinson confirmed that there was an intimacy co-ordinator on set for the show’s intimate scenes, and not only that but she was also somebody that Heughan was familiar with.

“[The intimacy co-ordinator] was actually someone that Sam has worked with before, Vanessa, and she was terrific,” Tomlinson told Digital Spy and other press outlets at a Q&A event.

“She was amazing. She made it an incredibly safe space for everybody to be able to express what they wanted and what the scene needed to be. And we created that so that it can be the most powerful scene that we wanted.”

Heughan added: “We’ve had, all of us, in various ways experience in those kinds of scenes and it’s a strong part of the show. But Vanessa, I worked with on Outlander and she’s brilliant and created an atmosphere and a safe place but also a place for us to inject more intimacy or what appears to be more intimate without having to.”

As well as these two, the series also stars How to Get Away with Murder’s Alfred Enoch, Arrow’s Jessica De Gouw, and Outnumbered’s Hugh Dennis.

The Couple Next Door begins on November 27 on Channel 4, and will air on Starz in the US.

Source: DigitalSpy.com

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