SAS: Red Notice, the 2021 action film starring Outlander’s Sam Heughan, will be getting a sequel.

The Sky Cinema original followed Tom Buckingham (Heughan), a special forces officer who confronts a band of mercenaries (led by Tom Wilkinson and Ruby Rose) as they attempt to blow up the Channel Tunnel whilst on board the Eurostar.

Though a modest success with critics and audiences, Variety has confirmed that Sky Original Films has moved ahead with development on a follow-up, though it is unclear if the sequel will see Heughan reprise his role.

“The global success of the first film inspired me to amplify the SAS universe and deepen our understanding of covert operations,” said screenwriter Laurence Malkin in a statement, “The use of psychopaths, both good and bad, was something we touched upon in the first film.

“This time we’ll get inside the minds of these unique operators and deliver even more visceral action sequences, elevating everything to a whole other level. It will be a big, proper action film, with a deeply psychopathic twist.”

Executive producer Julia Stuart seemingly confirmed the title, SAS: Red List, in her statement as she remarked: “SAS: Red Notice delivered a fantastic result, and we couldn’t be happier with Larry’s new script.

“It’s shaping up to be even more ambitious than the first film and promises to be exactly what the market is looking for in the elevated action genre with worldwide appeal… We know our audience is hungry for premium blockbuster fare and want to give SAS: Red List the broad and robust support it deserves.”

“[Producer] Simon [Williams] and I have worked with Larry across many films on various continents, and we’re hugely excited to embark on this journey with him as a filmmaker,” added Joe Simpson of Ashland. “Not only has his new script amplified the SAS franchise, it provides more insight into the characters he knows so well.

“We’ve also seen the materials and test shoots and love how they hint at the wider world to come. The market needs bigger, ambitious action films and this one has a unique concept at its core: Covert psychopathic operations.”

Though specific plot and cast details are yet to be confirmed, Heughan did intimate back in 2021 that Red Notice served as a launchpad for a franchise, remarking that it was an “introduction” for his character and the narrative world.

There is no release date for SAS: Red List.


By Damyan Ivanov

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