Outlander has confirmed that it is already filming season seven with a first snap from the set – and it looks one of the main stars has a whole new look! While usually rocking long hair, Richard Rankin – who plays Roger Mackenzie – can be seen with newly short hair for the new series, and fans had plenty to say about it!

While the caption read: “As we devour Season 6, they’re already cooking up #Outlander Season 7,” all fans could t all about was Richard’s new look, with one writing: “What happened to your long hair Rik??? Everyone looks amazing!! Can’t wait for season 7!” Another person added: “OMG WAIT… Richard‘s short hair!”

Even Alexander Vlahos, who plays Allan Christie, had something to say about the new look, writing: “Wait did Roger Mac cut his hair? I’m not watching @jwrikrankin.”

The show is currently airing season six, which sees Fraser’s Ridge rocked by the arrival of the Christie family, Allan, Tom and Malva. Speaking about his character, Alex, who plays Allan, said: “Tom went to prison and Allan had to be the man of the house, and the only thing that Allan had in terms of possession was his sister.

“He cared for her too much probably, and when his dad comes back from prison, he’s knocked down again. He’s just a boy who is getting in his dad’s way… I don’t think Allan believes, or if he doesn’t, he doesn’t believe as much as his dad. They’re all incredibly flawed, which is a joy to play.”

Speaking about the handling of mental health on the show, he added: “For me it was talking to [the show bosses] really frankly about Allan’s demons. He’s clearly conflicted and terrorised, and I wanted to make sure that was done justice… I’m really grateful and thankful that per script, [the characters] are given a lot of respect.”

Source: hellomagazine.com

By Damyan Ivanov

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