Outlander fans are convinced they’ve ‘exposed’ season eight filming after a TikTok video appeared to show the Starz series shooting at the iconic Craigh na Dun set

Outlander enthusiasts have revealed video clips of the popular Starz series reportedly being filmed at the show’s iconic Craigh na Dun set, which could hint at the season 8 storyline. The renowned stones are crucial to the series as they enable Claire Fraser (portrayed by Caitriona Balfe) and other characters to journey through time.

They made an appearance at the conclusion of the most recent season when Roger MacKenzie (Richard Rankin) and Brianna Fraser’s (Sophie Skelton) son Jemmy (Blake Johnston Miller) were abducted by Rob Cameron (Chris Fulton).

Footage from TikToker willsadventures2025 appears to indicate that filming is happening again at this familiar location, either for reshoots of season seven, part two, or for scenes in the forthcoming eighth and final season. He alleges Outlander was filming, but confesses he was ejected from the set when security realized he wasn’t a member of the production team.

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Even though no cast members were seen, the area around the stones was filled with parked cars and trailers, one of which bore the Movie Makers logo, a vehicle supply firm that has previously provided transport for the series, reports the Express. Filming for the eighth season commenced earlier this year, suggesting that the Frasers’ final escapades may involve more time travel.

Fans were intrigued by what the footage could imply, with some believing the last episodes will connect back to the mysterious appearance of Jamie’s ghost in Outlander’s inaugural season.

“I think we will 100% get the forget me nots in some way,” one enthusiast posted on Reddit, hinting at the enigmatic flowers near the stones which a lot of fans believe are a hint to the show’s finale.

Another devotee responded: “Right!! They have to resolve the ghost thing in some way!!”

Some viewers are predicting that the stones might play a major role in the last season as Diana Gabaldon’s book series is still ongoing, leaving room for the TV series to end differently. “It could be a flashback, a departure point for Bree et al to return, a new scene written just for the show,” speculated another fan.

“Don’t forget the show ending will be show created, not Diana’s. There are many possibilities.” Yet another follower chimed in with additional theories that might connect to the forthcoming prequel, Outlander: Blood of My Blood, which is set to delve into the backstory of Jamie’s parents.

“I’m curious to see whether they try to set up the prequel universe in S8 and how they do so,” they commented. “They’re clearly using Roger’s plot in 7B as a bit of a jumping off point but otherwise very little of the upcoming plot has anything to do with the prequel characters and their lives.”

“But maybe they’ll find a way to tie the ending to the prequel somehow? Go heavy on the flashbacks? Or extend Roger’s stay into S8?”

Despite all the conjecture, the video doesn’t confirm if the filming is actually for Outlander’s eighth season at that location, so enthusiasts will have to hang tight to see if their predictions pan out.

Source: irishstar.com

By Ivaylo Angelov

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