Fans are eagerly awaiting for the series to return, but Outlander’s seventh and penultimate season is already shaping up to be another tragic entry in the Fraser saga.

Brianna Fraser (played by Sophie Skelton) and her husband Roger MacKenzie (Richard Rankin) are happily settled in Fraser’s Ridge after a perilous journey back through time. Unfortunately, the latest footage from Outlander’s upcoming seventh season in the newly released opening titles has teased a devastating twist of fate when the Starz drama returns this summer.

Outlander’s new opening titles have already teased Brianna and Roger’s return to the 20th Century.

On Valentine’s Day last week, fans were treated to a special look at the new credits with the iconic theme song performed by Sinéad O’Connor.

The new titles feature plenty of clues for what Jamie Fraser (Sam Heughan) and his wife Claire (Caitriona Balfe) will have to face when their story continues.

They have also foreshadowed a huge turning point for their daughter Brianna and her husband Roger which features heavily in Diana Gabaldon’s seventh book, An Echo in the Bone.

One such scene seemingly reveals Roger presenting their son Jeremiah, aka ‘Jemmy’, with a small gift.

Outlander fan Dawn Polk spotted the moment on Twitter and posted: “Roger I believe tucking a [gem] stone in Jemmy’s pocket in preparation for a trip to a time where they may meet Mickey Mouse.”

Fans of Gabaldon’s original books should be able to recall a moment in which Brianna tells Jamie about Disneyland and its famous mascot.

Before Jemmy travels to the future with his parents, Jamie tells him: “If one day, a bhailach, ye should meet a verra large mouse named Michael – ye’ll tell him your grandsire sends his regards.”

While readers remember this exchange as one of the novel’s funniest comic relief moments, the reference in the titles seems to confirm the TV adaptation will follow through with one of the book’s saddest storylines.

When they realise their second child Mandy has been born with a severe and rare heart condition, their only option is to return to the 1970s to get her treated.

As the series is produced by Sony, it’s unlikely the Mackenzies will be able to visit Disneyland, though some other easter eggs have also teased their journey to the 20th Century.

@NinaL666 posted: “Noting just a few- Looks like the big house will burn down.

“Claire gets out of jail and comes home (obviously). Lord John Grey (David Berry) gives Jamie the sapphire for Bree to travel back.”

Outlander fan @AngusAngels also spotted the sapphire and added: “I know what this means and I’m here for it!!”

While @designergirl777 said: “The fire, going back to the future, and what looks like going back to Scotland.”

It looks like Jamie and Claire will embark on a journey of their own as the appearance of a ship teases their voyage from America to Scotland.

Thankfully, the cryptic titles aren’t giving any major twists and turns away, so there are still plenty of surprises to look forward to when Outlander returns in just a few months.

Outlander season 7 premieres summer 2023 on Starz in the USA and Lionsgate+ via Prime Video in the UK.


By Ivaylo Angelov

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