Peaky Blinders and Army of Thieves stars Kate Phillips and Stuart Martin have teased romance ahead of their period drama Miss Scarlet and the Duke’s third season.

The period crime drama stars Peaky Blinders actress Kate Phillips as detective Eliza Scarlet alongside Army of Thieves’ Stuart Martin, who plays her childhood friend Inspector William ‘The Duke’ Wellington.

Fans of the series will know that Eliza and William have been embroiled in a will-they-won’t-they relationship for the past two seasons as they attempt to solve cases together.

Well, according to the stars of the show, it looks like Eliza and William might finally admit their romantic feelings for one another.

Speaking to Metro, Martin said that the duo have come a long way and he feels “like they’re both in a place where they know of each other’s feelings”.

“We’ve had so many moments where they’ve got so close to kind of saying it and verbalising that… but they don’t quite get there,” Martin admitted.

“But everyone knows where they’re at and so, with season three, I feel like we get to jump into that really nice place where it’s all kind of on the table and it kind of rears up at times but also is really suppressed at times.

Teasing fans with upcoming “revelations”, Martin said: “It’s all bubbling, which is a really fun place to be.”

Adding that the tension between Eliza and William is fun to portray, Phillips said it is “fuelled by an affection, maybe a love”.

When asked what fans can expect from season 3, Phillips said: “You can expect lots of fun, you can expect a really thrilling series of more of the same fabulous stories and stand-alone episodes. But the thing that you’re going to really invest in is the journey between Eliza and William.”



By Ivaylo Angelov

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