As the team behind Peaky Blinders gears up to begin filming the series again, a coyly-worded casting call by LB Casting Ltd has been issued in search of potential extras to feature in the upcoming 6th season.

The Leeds-based agency has previously handled this aspect of background talent sourcing during the pre-production stage of past seasons, with the original post mentioning a “very well-known BBC period drama” set to roll cameras in Manchester in early 2021, and signed off in a very tell-tale fashion: “By order of… LB Casting Ltd.”

It’s worth noting the post also included a silhouette of a man in a cap similar to the kind worn by Tommy Shelby (portrayed by Cillian Murphy) as well as the rest of the Blinders.

Peaky Blinders fans, could this be your time to shine?! 🎭

The casting company who have found extras for previous…

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Peaky Blinders season 6 was initially scheduled to premiere at the end of 2020. Given the whole global disruption of COVID-19, while writing and storyboarding have been completed for some time now, the physical side of production has obviously suffered. This casting call is, however, a very positive confirmation that progress is actually being made on that front.

“We were so close to the start of filming season 6,” director Anthony Byrne told press earlier this year.

“Months of hard work by our very talented, dedicated and hardworking crew. Sets were built, costumes were made. Cameras and lenses tested. Locations were booked. All the prep was done. It’s a real shame not to be able to make it for you at this time.”

Peaky Blinders Season 6 Extras – Requirements
According to LB Casting LTD’s post, here’s what they need from you:


  • No modern haircuts or fades
  • No dyed hair or obvious highlights
  • Must be willing to shave hair if required
  • No modern beards/facial hair
  • No bigger than a 44″ / 111.76 cm chest


  • Mid to shoulder length hair
  • No dyed hair or obvious highlights
  • No bigger than a dress size 12

You must also have no visible piercings or tattoos, false nails, tattooed/drawn eyebrows, eyelash extensions, and so forth.

Actors will be paid at PACT Equity rates, although travel and accommodation apparently will not be provided, with a daily expectation to “start early and finish late”. Certainly worth keeping in mind.

Applications are open until Friday the 3rd of January, 2021. So if you think you fit the bill – and happen to be both over the age of 16 and around Manchester early next year – send your name, address, age, location, and two selfies to