Reacher will be back for season three – so fans can rest easy knowing their favourite show is on its way!

To be fair, we’re already excited. Reacher’s season two was explosive and we mean that literally, as a chopper exploded in extremely dramatic fashion.

It was a tense end for former US Army major Jack Reacher, who managed to save his comrades from being pushed out of the aircraft by Robert Patrick’s Shane Langston. In place of his friends, it was Langston who was thrown to his death.

We can imagine such an experience would have a long-lasting impact on Reacher and the team, at least stretching into season three, but if you think this gives an indication as to where the next season will take fans, you’re wrong.

It has been teased that season three will be a solo journey for Reacher. Additionally, Reacher actor Alan Ritchson revealed we will “get to enjoy Reacher in a new world,” (via ComicBook).

But when will that be? Here’s everything we know about Reacher’s third season.

Reacher season 3 potential release date: When’s it on?

Ritchson was the one who broke the news that Reacher’s third season had not only been renewed but had entered production when he was announcing the season-two release date in a behind-the-scenes video.

At the end of the video he teased: “Boy, do I have a surprise for you. That’s right – you’re on the set of season three of Reacher right now. We’re officially underway.”

While Ritchson obviously wasn’t giving much away, it’s still confirmation that Reacher season three is already in production, which is good news indeed.

With that in mind, there’s a very good chance that Reacher could be back on screens before the year is out.

And, since December was the season of Reacher in 2023, we might get season three in our stockings in time for Christmas 2024. It certainly wouldn’t be a (ahem) reach to think so.

Reacher season 3 cast: Who will be coming back?

Alan Ritchson will be back, of that there was never any doubt. But who will join him?

Of season three, Ritchson already confirmed that Reacher would be in a “new world” before adding: “It may not have anything to do with family, with his past, he’s just living that adventure out and that’s kind of the direction that we’ve gone and it seems to really be working.”

This implied that, like with season two, we could very likely be getting a fresh new cast for Reacher’s third run – but Prime Video announced on Feb 8 that Maria Sten would return as Frances Neagley.

In other news, she and Ritchson will be joined by Anthony Michael Hall and Sonya Cassidy.

Cassidy will play Reacher’s partner-in-crimebusting and love interest Agent Susan Duffy, while Hall will be Zachary Beck, who’s billed as an old adversary of Reacher’s, which suggests they’ve run two antagonists from the book together – Zachary Beck and Francis Xavier Quinn.

The latest casting news is the fresh addition of Expats star Brian Tee, who will play a “physically imposing and intimidating” lieutenant colonel named Quinn, who Ritchson’s Reacher investigated years ago.

Joining Tee in Reacher’s upcoming third season is Dog Gone actor Johnny Berchtold, who will play college student Richard Beck.

Meanwhile, Roberto Montesinos has been cast as DEA agent Guillermo Villanueva, who is “on the verge of retirement” and serves as a “mentor/father figure” to fellow agent and newcomer Susan Duffy (Sonya Cassidy).

Finally, For All Mankind’s Daniel David Stewart takes on the role of Steven Elliot, described as “a rookie DEA agent who is fresh-faced and new to the job”.

Reacher season 3 plot: What will happen?

It has been confirmed by author and executive producer of the series Lee Child that season three will focus on a solo story for Reacher. In an interview, Child teased:

“I think we’ve been very creative about how we’ve sequenced the type of story.

We felt we needed a book that was more Reacher alone for the third season. And so it was a question of which story would work best for that, and which one would have a great opening scene and all of that, and we found one that we loved.”

It turns out that *was* something of a tease, because season three will be based on the seventh novel, Persuader, where he teams up/shacks up with a DEA agent and brings down an apparent drug dealer and carpet importer. (It’s more complicated than that, naturally.)

As mentioned above, we also know that Neagley will return, which is pleasing, because Maria Sten’s laconic ex-soldier is always welcome, and also because she’s not actually in the book. She wasn’t in Killing Floor either, for that matter, which the first season was based on.

Reacher season 3 trailer: When can I watch it?

Not too long, we hope. If we’re right to assume that season three will land in December 2024 – and with the knowledge that production is already underway – then a sneak peek teaser trailer could hopefully be with fans in late summer or early autumn.

In the meantime, take a look at the trailer for season two above.


By Ivaylo Angelov

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