‘Riverdale’ season 5 will come back for one more big hit season when The CW officially shared that they have given an early renewal to many of its popular and famous screenplay web series, including Riverdale.

‘Riverdale’ showrunners tweeted after the announcement, with some fans on their mind that Jughead Jones and Betty Cooper might be seen in a wedding next season. Jughead Jones (Cole Sprouse) and Betty Cooper (Lily Reinhart) are a beloved couple that is loved too much by the followers. So, while a lot of people have enjoyed watching their relationship and love grow as they solve many mysteries and stop crime together, some want to take them to the most different level.

It has been revealed that the show will have a time jump at the starting of Season 5.

Now, things are free as followers and audience don’t yet know if some mysteries will continue to be unraveled at ‘Riverdale’ or whether they will all run for college time.


Source: thebuzzpaper.com