‘Romancero’, the new fiction from 100 Balas (Mediapro Studio) for Prime Video, has today revealed its official trailer and poster. The fiction premieres next November 3.

Prime Video today unveiled the official trailer and poster for the series ‘ Romancero ‘ during the press conference to present the series at the Sitges Festival. ‘ Romancero ‘ is a supernatural thriller written by Fernando Navarro (‘ Venus ‘ , ‘ Verónica ‘) and directed by Tomás Peña, member of the audiovisual collective Manson, whose premiere will take place tonight at the Festival.

Produced by 100 Balas (THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO), Romancero will be available on November 3 in more than 240 countries and territories around the world as part of the Prime subscription.

Romancero has brought together an eclectic cast of young promises and big names in film and television in Spain. The series stars Sasha Cócola (‘ Techo y Comida ‘ , ‘ Paco’s Men ‘) and Elena Matic, who makes her debut with this fiction in our country.

The cast is completed by Ricardo Gómez (‘ The Substitute ‘ , ‘ Tell Me How It Happened ‘), Guillermo Toledo (‘ Midas’s Favorites ‘ , ‘ Crimen Ferpecto ‘), and the Goya Award winner Belén Cuesta (‘ The Infinite Trench ‘ , ‘ The call ‘). The Argentine actress Julieta Cardinali (‘ El Reino ‘ , ‘ Maradona: Sueño bendito ‘) is added to this leading cast and has the special participation of Alba Flores (‘ La casa de papel ‘ , ‘ Vis a vis ‘).

Cornelia (Matic) is a girl whose childhood has been stolen. Jordán (Cócola) is not a child, nor is he a man. They are two helpless young people who escape from the forces of the law, from powerful supernatural creatures and from themselves. Romancero is the story of this escape, of the pursued and the pursuers, framed in a desert and cruel Andalusia, as real as it is mythical, during a nightmarish night plagued by demons, witches and blood drinkers.

Official trailer ‘Romancero’

With a vibrant narrative, Fernando Navarro and Tomás Peña have drawn on sources as heterogeneous as comics, Gothic literature, stories of witches, ghosts and creatures, the poetry of Federico García Lorca or esotericism, all in the enveloping setting of a desert and cruel south, where the clichés of rural and cañí Spain coexist with supernatural creatures, violence, revenge, redemption and love.

Produced by 100 Balas (THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO), the series will be made up of six half-hour episodes whose action takes place in a single night. On behalf of THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO, Laura Fdz. Espeso is the producer of Romancero and Javier Méndez, Alejandro Florez and Maya Maidagan are the executive producers, along with Fernando Navarro.

Source: culturaenserie.com

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