On Wednesday, Sam Heughan hit the red carpet at the NYC premiere of “Love Again,” his new rom-com with Priyanka Chopra.

“Extra” spoke with Sam, who gushed over working with Priyanka and also gave props to her husband Nick Jonas for his part in the movie.

Calling Priyanka “wonderful,” Sam said, “She brought such emotional intelligence and weight to it… Off-camera, she’s just such a warm sort of nurturing person. We were able to hang out together with a part of a bubble during the COVID pandemic while we were shooting this.”

Heughan also had wonderful things to say about Jonas, who made a cameo in the movie. Sam said, “He’s brilliant, he’s very funny in it… I think unexpected as well.”

As part of his role, Heughan had to learn songs from Céline Dion, who he called an “icon.”

He commented, “This movie is just so lucky. We got five original songs from her… This is almost like a homage, a thank you to Céline.”

Sam described himself as a hopeless romantic, adding, “I believe destiny has a plan… It’s time for us to sort of, I don’t know, learn to love again and be bonded together.”

Sam also teased what to expect from the new season of “Outlander” this June, saying, “We’re pretty much picking up where we left off. Claire has been arrested. She’s in prison… Jamie is alive. He’s setting out to rescue. There’s so much.”


Source: extratv.com

By Ivaylo Angelov

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