Sam Heughan has shared some snaps of his trip to Australia where he was reunited with his Outlander and The Couple Next Door co-stars.

The actor, who plays Jamie Fraser in the popular time-travelling drama, took to Instagram to share a series of photographs from his trip down under and he even met up with Jessica De Gouw, who played his on screen wife in his most recent series, Channel 4’s The Couple Next Door.

Sam penned: “Australia you legend! (Lucky to experience this amazing country and some terrific people!) – love you @jaydegee.”

Amongst the snaps was a photo of Sam enjoying a pint outside the Sydney Opera House, catching up with Jessica and her partner and also Duncan Lacroix, who plays Murtagh Fraser in Outlander.

He also made time to catch up with his Aussie ‘Peakers’ who are part of My Peak Challenge (MPC) – a movement he founded which is “dedicated to educating and inspiring its members to live healthier, happier, and more balanced lives while raising funds to change lives”.


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Jessica replied in the comments, writing: “Ohhh love you darling. Just move here already.”

Fans took to the comments of the pictures.

One wrote: “I’d pass out if I was walking around Sydney and saw Jamie and Murtagh having a beer.”

While one said: “Jamie and Murtagh in modern society. Weirddd.”

Another commented: “Looks like it was an amazing time in Australia Sam! So happy you also got to meet-up with some @aussiepeakers too!”

And one said: “You enthusiastic expression all over the past weekend says it all. Glad you enjoyed to meet so many Aussie fans and Peakers! You never forget who you are: the grounded kind man with big heart and smile! And that’s why we all love you @samheughan.”

Sam and Duncan were also in Sydney for the ‘Hublander’ convention.

They were also joined by David Berry, who plays Lord John Grey, John Hunter Bell – who plays Young Ian and Charles Vandervaart who plays Willam Ransom.



By Ivaylo Angelov

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