A Sandman cosplayer on Twitter has stunned fans, and creator Neil Gaiman himself, with their cosplay of Gwendoline Christie’s version of Lucifer Morningstar.

Twitter user @umbralwitch_ posted an image showcasing their cosplay of Lucifer Morningstar from Netflix’s The Sandman. The cosplay includes a full costume complete with wings and a white-blonde hairstyle to match Gwendoline Christie’s version of the character. The photo shows the cosplayer pensively looking off to one side, perfectly capturing Christie’s enigmatic and ethereal nature as Lucifer in the series. The fan captioned their photo with the tagline, “Better to reign in hell than serve in Heaven eh?” They also wrote, “So happy to have finally cosplayed the ethereal [Gwendoline Christie] version of Lucifer!!”

The Sandman’s Lucifer appears on the show in a glam rock David Bowie-style look and short blonde hair, with an angelic and gender non-conforming appearance. For the cosplay, the fan recreated an outfit Lucifer wears in the series, a floor-length black leather ensemble, and embellished it with matching black nail polish as well as makeup and jewelry. The Sandman co-creator and author of the original comics Neil Gaiman himself retweeted the image. The cosplayer expressed their gratitude to Gaiman in a reply, saying, “Oh my gosh thank you so much Mr Gaiman for the retweet!”

Gwendoline Christie as The Sandman’s Lord of Hell

Christie’s casting as Lucifer in Netflix’s adaptation of the beloved comic series initially sparked controversy, with some fans objecting to a woman being cast in the role. Gaiman came to Christie’s defense, stating that she captured the essence of the character and that Lucifer has never been presented as any particular gender in the comics. Gaiman has since explained that Lucifer in the Netflix series can be called by any pronouns, and that “Lord Lucifer uses ‘we/us/ours’ when formal and ‘I/me/mine’ when informal.”

Christie’s version of Lucifer primarily appears in Episode 4 of The Sandman, titled “A Hope in Hell.” The episode centers on Dream’s quest to Hell to retrieve his helm after being imprisoned for over 100 years. Dream engages in an epic battle of imagination and transformation with Lucifer, which ends with Dream victorious, but Lucifer reappears in the final scene of the season with apparent plans for revenge.

Fans and cosplayers of the show have more scenes with Christie’s Lucifer to look forward to, as Gaiman has confirmed that Season 2 will feature a rematch between the two characters.

The second season of The Sandman reportedly begins filming in Summer 2023.

Source: cbr.com

By Ivaylo Angelov

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