Saw X has dropped its first trailer, and it is a very queasy watch.

As previously teased, the next outing in the Saw franchise sees the return of Tobin Bell’s John Kramer aka Jigsaw.

Although the villain met his end in Saw III, he appeared in flashbacks in further films but Saw X sees him back in all his blood and glory.

Set between Saw I and II, the trailer opens in a hospital with John receiving bad news with a classic ominous Saw track playing underneath the devastating scene.

He heads to a remote location outside of Mexico City with word from a doctor in hopes of a cure… only to find it is a scam and that he is still terminally ill.

Horror fans will rejoice to hear the antagonist Jigsaw Killer, deliver his iconic chilling line: “It’s time to play a game.”

As the teaser continues, you see the four medical individuals involved in the scam caught in life-or-death classic Saw devices and situations as John says: “You all pretended to cure me, but what I have planned for each of you is very real.”

“Before Jigsaw’s end” and “His most personal game began” appear on the screen, letting onlookers know they are in for their most twisted viewing yet.

The trailer dropped today (July 30) and has already racked up thousands of fan comments – many expressing how “chilling” it looks and that it has the “potential to be one of the absolute best sequels in the franchise”.

Before the trailer ends a clip of another franchise regular is shown, with Shawnee Smith’s Amanda Young removing a pig mask and subtly smirking. The Jigsaw victim turned aid is also back to join in the game.

At the end of a trailer there is a mysterious mobile number for spectators to text “I want to play a game” to continue the experience.

The official description from Lionsgate reads: “The most disturbing instalment of the Saw franchise yet explores the untold chapter of Jigsaw’s most personal game. Set between the events of Saw I and II, a sick and desperate John travels to Mexico for a risky and experimental medical procedure in hopes of a miracle cure for his cancer – only to discover the entire operation is a scam to defraud the most vulnerable.

“Armed with a newfound purpose, the infamous serial killer returns to his work, turning the tables on the con artists in his signature visceral way through devious, deranged, and ingenious traps.”

Saw X is set to be released in cinemas on September 29.


By Ivaylo Angelov

Ivaylo Angelov born in Bulgaria, Varna graduated School Geo Milev is Tvserieswelove's Soaps Editor and oversees all of the section's news, features, spoilers and interviews.