Supernatural has featured hundreds of characters while most of them are easily forgettable due to their brief and cameo like appearances. Apart from the main characters such as Sam, Dean, and Castiel, or supporting characters like Bobby and Gabriel, there are only a handful of few characters who managed to leave a long lasting impression on the fans. But there are numerous interesting trivia about these characters that fans aren’t aware of.

So Take A Look At Interesting Facts About Supporting Supernatural Characters


Throughout the first season, we mostly saw Sam and Dean as the male hunters for the most part. The writers felt the need to create strong and powerful female hunters and they came up with Jo and Ellen. A mother-daughter pair that would in way complement the relationship of John & boys. Ellen was introduced as an old friend of John. Ellen married Bill who met his demise at the hands of a demon while on a supernatural hunt with Bill. For a long time, John and Ellen hadn’t spoken. Unlike the character of Jo, Ellen received positive response from the fans who wished to see more of her. There were plans to have Ellen appear at some point in Season 3, but the event of writer’s strike prevented her along with Jo from appearing in an episode. There were also negotiations with the actress to have her appear in Season finale, but the actress feared that her character might get written off. Eventually she would appear in Season 5.


Lisa first appeared in Season 3 when Dean runs into her while investigating a case. Dean is surprised to see her Son Ben who has peculiar similarities with him. Dean starts thinking that Ben is his guy, but Lisa convinces her that Ben’s father is a different man. In Season 3 ‘Dream A Little Dream Of Me’, Dean dreams of having a picnic party with Lisa which goes to show what she meant to him. In many respects, Lisa and Jessica Moore are somewhat similar. Both offered a chance to the Winchester brother to have a normal life and leave hunting life behind them forever. However, contrasting part is that Sam wanted to have that life, but fate took away Jessica from him whereas Dean intentionally choose not have that ‘simple’ life with Lisa due to placing her in danger.


When the Network requested the SPN creators to have two regular female characters, Kripke and team developed the characters of Ruby and Bela. Interestingly, the actress of Ruby, Katie Cassidy auditioned for the role of Bela whereas Lauren Cohan who played Bela auditioned for Ruby. Cindy Sampson who appeared as Lisa Braden in Season 3 also auditioned for the role, but lost to Cohan. While Bela character was a strong and independent woman who managed to get the best of Winchesters on several occasions. It came as a surprise when her character was written off in Season 3. Bela’s character received a negative response from the fans who disliked the fact that she bested out the series protagonists every now and then. The writers made the mistake of popping Bela in every other episode unexpectedly. We later learn that she also made a deal similar to Dean, Lilith holds her deal. Ultimately, Bela’s tragic backstory and demise caused fans to grow sympathy towards her character.


There is an interesting coincidence with the name ‘Jack’, the character of John Winchester was named Jack in the early draft of the first episode of Supernatural. But due to legal reasons, the name was changed from Jack Winchester to John Winchester as there existed a real man with that name. Many people confuse Jack as the Antichrist, to be the child of Lucifer, but in the Supernatural Universe, it was Jesse Turner who was the anti Christ. Jesse is a human & demon hybrid which makes him a counterpart of human and angel hybrid known as the Nephilim. As Lucifer was technically an archangel therefore the child he conceived with a human being would be a Nephilim. Also, Jack isn’t the first Nephilim, it’s Jane. Her heart was needed for the spell to cause the fall of the angele. She met a tragic fate at the hands of Castiel.


Did you know both Mary and John were supposed to be involved in a car crash due to a demon in the initial drafts of Supernatural, but the plan was scrapped. In Season 12 finale, Amara resurrected Mary as a gift to Dean for his kindness. She brought back the same Mary who passed away in 1983, not aging a single day since then. The resurrected Mary Winchester is 30 years old, making her younger than her sons; Sam and Dean. Like her son Sam, she too wanted to have a normal life and her desire to lead a normal life was fulfilled to an extent, but Supernatural world pulled her back and became a reason for her demise. Similarly, Sam too wanted to lead a normal life with Jessica, but she was taken from him.



By Ivaylo Angelov

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