Supernatural has 327 episodes in front of its title, the show ran for 15 long years which featured hundreds of actors. While the main cast members such as Jensen, Jared, and Misha are the heart and soul of the show. There are other actors who appeared in supporting roles and became unforgettable such as Mark Sheppard, Rachel Miner, Lauren Cohan. But did you know the show has featured plenty of iconic actors and star celebrities who mostly have been forgotten by the fans. The reason being these stars appeared in a single episode. Many of these faces on the list might seem familiar to you as they have been a part of hit movies and TV shows apart from Supernatural.

So Take A Look At 7 Famous Actors & Celebrities Who Appeared On Supernatural


While locating the whereabouts of the Darkness, Sam and Dean comes across the case of a couple who met a tragic fate in Lizzie Borden’s Museum. Lizzie Borden is a notorious figure. When a babysitter becomes a victim, Sam consoles her son Jordie who is played by Finn Wolfhard. The Stranger Things star made his appearance in Season 11 Episode ‘Thin Lizzie’.


These guest stars appear in Season 7 Episode “Shut Up, Dr. Phil”. Charisma Carpenter and James Marsters are best known for their work in the show Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Angel where they portrayed the characters of Cordelia and Spike. The duo plays a witch couple who are having martial issues. After James character Donald is found having an affair, the wife named Maggie who is played by Charisma. She is enraged at learning about the infidelity and is taking it out on the innocent people. Both Sam and try acting like Dr. Phil, but are shut down by the couple. Donald and Maggie argue over all the pent up issues and their affairs over the centuries. But they end up expressing their feelings for each other and reconcile.


Nearly every horror fan is familiar with the name Robert Englund who is best known for playing the role of dream predator Freddy Krueger in the Nightmare on Elm Street movie series. Robert interestingly plays the role of a character named Dr. Robert who is a family friend of John Winchester. He had helped in stitching John Winchester couple of times. Even though he lost his medical license, but he still operates in secrecy, helping the hunters. Dean Winchesters comes seeking the help of doctor in temporarily becoming deceased so he could communicate with Death. After 6-7 minutes, Dr. Robert manages to bring back Dean to life. Robert Englund appeared as a guest star in Season 6 Episode “Appointment In Samarra”.


Paris Hilton is a woman of many talents, from modeling, acting to business, she has experienced success in every field she stepped in. Nobody expected to see Paris Hilton in the Supernatural, but she does appear in Season 5 episode “Fallen Idols”. Sam and Dean join forces and arrive in a town investigating a strange case where people fall victims to popular cultural icons. Even the heads of the Winchesters are turned when they come face to face with Paris Hilton. The Winchesters discover that a Leshi is behind all the deceased icons coming back to life.


Linda Blair portrayed a detective named Diana Ballard in Season 2 episode “The Usual Suspects”. While investigating a case, the Winchesters are arrested by the local detective Diana Ballard who initially didn’t believe the boys. But when a ghost came after her, the boys saved her. Diana joined forces with the Winchesters and helped them in hunting the ghost. Linda Blair is best known for her role of the girl named Regan in the classic horror movie ‘The Exorcist’. There’s even a reference to the Exorcist in the episode when When Dean asked Sam if Linda’s character seemed familiar to which Sam responds saying he doesn’t know. Dean then says that for some reason he is craving pea soup. This is the reference to Exorcist where Linda Blair’s character Regan vomits the pea soup.


Supernatural’s Season 2 episode ‘Roadkill’ is one of the best episodes of all time. The episode starts with Sam and Dean coming across a wounded woman named Molly who jumped in front of the boys’ car asking for help. She tells Sam and Dean that a farmer is hunting her. As Sam and Dean start investigating the case, they learn that the man who’s after Molly is actually a vengeful spirit. In the final minutes of the episode, the viewers learn that Molly is also a spirit, the spirits of Molly and the farmer Jonah Greely have been responsible for numerous accidents on that road. In the end, Molly lets her go of the feelings, the grudges, and the secrets. She attains peace in the end. Tricia Helfer has recently appeared in the role of Goddess & Charlotte Richards in Netflix’s Lucifer.


Most of the fans know her as the LAPD Forensic Scientist Ella Lopez from Lucifer. But did you know that Aimee Garcia had also appeared on Supernatural. In Season 3 Episode ‘Jus In Bello’, the agent Victor Henriksen finally managed to capture the Winchesters. But when Victor gets possessed, he is convinced about the Supernatural existence. Soon they learn that more demons are on their way to the station and they must fight together to survive. Aimee played the character of Nancy Fitzgerald who is an employee at the Police Station and helps the Winchesters against the Supernatural. Unfortunately, once the Winchesters left the station, she would meet her demise at the hands of Lilith.



By Ivaylo Angelov

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