Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3 spoilers follow.

Stranger Things star Randy Havens has confirmed a cameo in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3.

The actor plays teacher Mr Clarke in the Netflix sci-fi series, and revealed he appeared in an unrecognisable cameo as Till in the latest Marvel outing.

Sharing an Instagram post of him in character, Havens praised his experience on the movie, writing: “I had so much fun on Counter-Earth in (in my unbiased opinion) one of the funniest scenes in @guardiansofthegalaxy Volume 3.


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“Watching @jamesgunn balance epic storytelling and improv’d riffs was so much fun. Plus being on set for the MCUs first F-Bomb!”

“Shout-out to @iamdarladelgado for perfectly playing Neelie, my vampire bat wife (and boss of the family!) Bonus: Check out the attention to detail from the team @legacyeffects !!!” he added.

While Havens has played Mr Clarke across Stranger Things’ run, his last appearance was in season 3. However, he is still alive in the show’s universe, so a return in season 5 could still be on the cards.

In other Guardians news, James Gunn has confirmed the fate of the High Evolutionary at the end of Vol 3.

The director revealed that the character is now “imprisoned” at the Guardians’ headquarters Knowhere, and that they decided to spare his life due to Rocket’s new outlook.

“They discuss Rocket’s change at High Evo’s body (& they don’t all agree). That’s the whole point,” he added. “And he doesn’t have a code against killing when it’s necessary – that’s explained in the first post credits – but he won’t kill just because he’s angry anymore. He’s come to see the sanctity of all life.”


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