James Gunn and Peter Safran have been put in charge of DC Studios, and they’re rebooting the whole thing. Henry Cavill is out as Superman, and David Corenswet is in. They’re also going to need a new Batman, but who?

But wait, you might say, there already is a modern movie batman: Robert Pattinson in The Batman. That’s true, and Pattinson will continue to play Batman in at least one sequel. But those movies will be set outside the bounds of Gunn’s new DC Cinematic Universe. For his upcoming Batman movie The Brave and the Bold, he’ll need a whole new actor.

So yes, there will be more than one big screen Batman running around at the same time. And don’t forget the sequel to the Joker movie, which is presumably set in an entirely different continuity. Are there two many Batman movies bouncing around? Very probably. But who will play the Caped Crusader in the new one?

Stunning fan art of Jensen Ackles as Batman
Over on Instagram, buffy2ville has created artwork of what Jensen Ackles would look like as Batman, putting him in several different versions of the character’s costume:


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The 45-year-old Ackles is a popular fan-cast for Batman, in part because he’s voiced the character in a number of animated movies, including The Long Halloween and Legion of Super-Heroes. Outside of that, Ackles spent over a decade on Supernatural and played a morally bankrupt superhuman in The Boys, so he has plenty of experience.

Source: winteriscoming.net

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