Supernatural is a show revolving around two brothers fighting the Supernatural. But there’s a whole lot of drama! There are demons who are believed to be manipulative and deceitful but turns out not all demons are liars. Whereas you have angels who are believed to be morally good and righteous, but they can be pretty tricky and manipulative and work on the formula of the end justifying the means. There’s the devil Lucifer who is considered to be the prince of lies, but turned out it was Chuck AKA God who tricked and fooled the Winchesters. It’s quite confusing, isn’t it? During the fifteen seasons, there have been numerous occasions when the Winchesters were at the receiving end of a betrayal that they never saw coming.

So Take A Look At 5 Biggest Betrayals In Supernatural That Made A Significant Impact


Castiel is perhaps one of the best angels we have seen on the show. He has been unconditionally loyal to the Winchesters and lost his life numerous times in helping the Winchesters. It’s reasonable to believe that Castiel would never do something to betray the Boys. However, Season 6 featured a different Castiel. Being inspired by the boys, he believed he could change the order of heaven, and lead them against the archangel Raphael. He became too obsessed with defeating Raphael that he allied himself with the demon Crowley. Both Crowley & Castiel worked together to locate Purgatory to channel the power of the souls that Castiel could use against Raphael. Although his intentions were noble, the path he chose was clearly wrong. Throughout Season 6, Castiel kept lying to Sam and Dean. He broke the barrier inside Sam’s mind that was keeping him sane. After absorbing the power of the souls, the God mode Castiel terrorized them and ordered them to display respect for their new God or be destroyed. Fortunately, Castiel managed to redeem himself for all his actions. He took the suffering of Sam upon himself and did penance in Purgatory. Even Sam & Dean found it surprising that Castiel managed to deceive them.


Gadreel was an angel who is responsible for the evil in the world. He failed God when he couldn’t stop Lucifer from entering the Garden of Eden. When Metatron caused the fall of the angels, Gadreel also escaped. He arrived on Earth where he presented himself as Ezekiel to a desperate Dean. Dean was praying in order to save the life of Sam who was severely sick due to the trials. Gadreel posing as Ezekiel strikes a deal with Dean that he will heal Sam. He convinced Dean that he would possess Sam and heal him from the inside. After possessing Sam, he would let Sam be in control of his body but warned Dean not to reveal the secret to Sam. Sam would have sacrificed himself in sealing the gates of hell forever, but Dean stopped him. Dean against Sam’s wishes lets an angel possess him which ended up causing the demise of Kevin Train. Sam was so hurt by this betrayal of Dean. However, Dean also had the best intentions in mind.


Okay, this is going to be a long list. Both brothers have let each other down on several occasions. But Sam has a long list of betrayals. Although it wouldn’t be right to label anything that didn’t align with Dean’s POV as a betrayal such as when he left for Stanford, it was something he was passionate about and chose to pursue it. Also, we cannot label Sam allowing Dean to get bit as a betrayal because it wasn’t the same Sam. His soul was missing and he was devoid of emotions. But it was definitely a betrayal when Sam worked behind Dean’s back to come up with a cure for Mark of Cain. Dean clearly made it clear to Sam to not do anything to save him. But Sam was adamant, his desire claimed the life of Charlie which shook Dean to his core.

But perhaps the worst of Sam came when Dean was serving time in the underworld. Sam grew closer to a demon named Ruby who made him addicted to the demon blood and kept pushing him to the dark side. Ruby was manipulating Sam for selfish reasons. Even Dean tried his best to get his brother off the addiction. But it didn’t change things and it escalated to the point when the brothers had a fight where Dean tells Sam that if he leaves then he can never return back again. Sam still chooses Ruby and decides to walk out on Dean.


Mary’s story arc in seasons 12-14 of the Supernatural has received mixed reviews from fans. When Mary returned, she walked into a new world and struggled to keep up with the changes. Her boys are now grown-up adults. Mary’s confusion is understandable, but her decision to align with the British Men of Letters is totally surprising. When she was tasked with retrieving the colt from Ramiel when she sought the help of her boys and Castiel. However, she didn’t reveal the truth of her mission to the boys and Castiel. They believe her story and walk into the house of a prince of hell. Castiel is mortally wounded and if it wasn’t for Crowley who came to their rescue at the right time, Castiel would have gone to the Empty earlier than expected. Dean is heartbroken when he learned that Mary chose Men of Letters over him and Sam. What’s even worse was her affiliation with Arthur Ketch.


Chuck first appeared in Season 4 as Chuck Shurley, taking the guise of a writer & prophet. He was closely watching the events that could have led to the apocalypse, but the Winchesters prevented it. Chuck would disappear again and would resurface when Amara started causing all sorts of chaos. He revealed his true nature to the Winchesters and asked for their help. Chuck assembled a team of the boys, Crowley, Rowena, and Lucifer along with the factions of angels and demons in order to entrap Amara. Chuck would then return, telling the Team Free Will that eliminating Jack is the only way to help him. But the boys saw through his manipulation. His biggest betrayal came when he caused the demise of Jack and decided to end all his worlds one by one, punishing humanity, and resetting the entire universe.



By Ivaylo Angelov

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