Sam Winchester is the titular character of Supernatural along with Dean Winchester. Both the brothers are hunters who have been raised in the Supernatural World by their dad John. Both the brothers are meant to be the vessels of the archangels and fight that would result in an apocalypse. Throughout the show, both the Winchesters battled various sorts of antagonists and even sacrificed themselves for the greater good.

So Take A Look At 5 Fascinating Facts About Sam Winchester From Supernatural


Being a Winchester means having close encounters with death. Sam Winchester has met his demise plenty of times but somehow managed to be resurrected. After his first demise, we witnessed a change in the demeanor of Sam Winchester. His personality and change in nature could be attributed to its resurrection when Dean struck a deal with a crossroad demon. Azazel even hinted about the fact that the one who came back isn’t entirely Sam. What Azazel hinted at is the fact that resurrection sometimes results in a person coming back differently or wrongly. Although Sam returned with his soul intact in Season 2, he wasn’t 100% of what he was before. So Sam returned, but he returned with a specific violence and intensity which was pretty evident in the way he disposed of Jake. You can see the change in Sam in the following seasons such as Sam being angrier in S3, more driven towards revenge, and even justifying the means in Season 4.


Did you know that it’s canon that Sam’s full name is Samuel Winchester. In Season 1 Episode 15 titled ‘The Benders’, when the Sheriff searches for Sam’s name in the computer database, it appears as Samuel Winchester. He is named Samuel which is after his grandfather and the legendary hunter Samuel Campbell. He dislikes the name Samuel but doesn’t seem to mind Rowena who always addresses him as Samuel. Apart from Sam, he is also called Sammy, but he prefers only Dean using the name Samy. In the Season 2 episode when the hunter Gordon Walker addressed him as Sammy, he didn’t appreciate it and made it clear that only Dean can call him Sammy. Did you know somebody on Reddit actually made a spreadsheet with the summary of how many times Dean has called Sammy throughout the fifteen seasons. What name do you prefer more for Sam; Sammy or Samuel? Let us know.


In the earlier seasons, Sam had smaller brown-colored hair that could grow into longer hair in the next seasons. What version of Sam’s hair would you prefer? Although Sam has gorgeous long hair, but what doesn’t make sense is how he could pass as an agent in front of other authorities when he has long hair. As a kid, Sam was scrawny, but he grew into a strong muscular guy. Both Sam and Dean got matching anti-possession tattoos in Season 3. However, Castiel burned off Sam’s tattoo in Season 9 in order to let Crowley possess Sam to break him free of the possession of Gadreel. Interestingly, the anti-possession symbol used in the show has been solely created for the show and has no real or occult significance. But the show has become a pop culture phenomenon and now that particular symbol is widely recognized due to Supernatural. Numerous fans have gotten the tattoo.


While Sam Winchester is infamous when it comes to his lovers as many of the women that he has been romantically involved with in any capacity have suffered a tragic fate regardless of whether they were human or belonged to some other species. Sam’s love life has been nothing short of unusual. The women whom he dated and who met a tragic fate involve Jessica, Amy, Sarah, and Ruby. What’s more interesting is that Sam’s brother Dean is responsible for the demise of the two women with whom Sam was somehow linked. Amy turned out to be a Kitsune and she was eliminated by Dean. Similarly, Ruby was a demon who also met her demise at the hands of Dean Winchester. However, there have been certain cases where the woman involved with Sam didn’t meet her demise such as Piper and Amelia.

However, but what is guaranteed is that all the supernatural beings such as angels, demons, or any other entity that possessed Sam Winchester surely met their end. What’s even more interesting is these characters (with exception of Lucifer) met their demises due to the fact they tried doing something good, they joined forces with Team Free Will. They would have been most likely alive if they hadn’t tried doing something out of the character.

First Sam was possessed by the demon Meg who met her demise at the end of Crowley. Meg had a change of heart in Season 6 and she protected Castiel in Season 7, and in Season 8 she fought until her last breath to save the boys and Castiel. Archangel Lucifer was also eliminated first by AU Michael and then by Michael who was freed from the cage. Lucifer although met his demise against archangel Michael, but let’s not forget he too fought alongside Winchesters in Season 11 against Amara AKA Darkness. Both Crowley and Gadreel have also possessed Sam Winchester and have served as an antagonist at some point. But both of them met their ends while trying to do something good. Gadreel sacrificed himself to give the entrapped Castiel a fighting chance whereas Crowley sacrificed himself to help Lucifer trap in the AU and close the rift.


Sam Winchester possesses a high level of intelligence and very strong willpower. He is the brain that does the task of connecting the dots and researching the cases because he is good at deductions and inferences. The sheer will and determination of Sam can be understood from the fact that he was able to fight off Lucifer, overpower him, and then managed to trap him in the cage.



By Ivaylo Angelov

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