The world of Supernatural is filled with monsters of all sorts; from ghosts, vampires, vampires to angels and darkness. The show mainly focuses on the two brothers named Sam and Dean Winchester who battle such powerful beings everyday to save innocent lives. The show is a good blend of horror, mystery, thriller, and comedy. But that doesn’t mean that the romance element is out from the show. Although romance and loves stories do not take the central seat, but there have been several instances of it. Both the brothers have been quite tragic when it came to love stories as they both found somebody they truly loved, but their life as a hunter somehow cost them their love. Sam lost his girlfriend Jessica due to demons whereas Dean made Lisa forget all her memories of him in order to keep her and Ben safe. But that was fiction and real life of the actors who portrayed these brilliant characters is pretty different from it.

So Take A Look At The s Cast of Supernatural And Their Dating, Relationships, And Love Stories


Jensen’s character Dean might have failed to settle down and start a family due to being a hunter. But the actor Jensen Ackles found his soulmate in the form of Danneel Harris whom he married in 2010. The has three beautiful children together. Jensen’s wife Danneel Ackles has also appeared on the Supernatural, portraying the role of Sister Jo in the 13th season of the show. Did you know that owns a Brewery located in Texas with his in-laws & wife. Danneel is something of an actor herself. She rose to fame with her role on the show ‘One Life To Live’, but it was her role on ‘One Tree Hill’ that really put her on the map. She has made appearances in popular shows such as ‘How I Met Your Father’ and in movies too.


Jared Padalecki met the love of his love on the sets of Supernatural. In Season 4, Genevieve Cortese was cast in the role of the demon Ruby replacing Katie Cassidy. It was then these two fell in love with each other. Jared would eventually propose Genevieve right in front of the painting ‘Joan of Arc’ which was their favorite. The couple would get married in 2010. They have two sons (Thomas & Shepherd) and a daughter (Odette) together. Apart from Supernatural, Genevieve Cortese has done plenty of theater performances. She has also been cast in the role of Cordell Walker, playing the deceased wife of Jared’s character on the show ‘Walker’.


Misha Collins got married to Victoria Vantoch in the year 2001. Their son was born in 2010 and they named him West Anaximander whereas their daughter named Maison Marie was born in 2012. Misha’s wife Victoria Vantoch is also an author who earned her doctorate in the subject of History. She has written a couple of books. She has taught history at the college level, lectured at various institutions, and has also worked as a journalist.


Mark Pellegrino has been a part of various popular shows such as Lost, Dexter, Supernatural, Quantico, and 13 Reasons Why. His performance as Lucifer gained him popularity all across the world. Mark has been married to Tracy Aziz and is the step-dad of her son named Misha and daughter Tess (did you notice the Supernatural connection there?) He has been quite expressive when it comes to political views and has even co-founded a political party. He identifies with classical liberalism.


Jim Beaver’s real life reflected the life of Bobby Singer in a way. He too knows what it is like to lose a loved one. The actor first first married Debbie Young, but they soon separated and divorce was finalized in 1976. Jim would then marry the actress Cecily Adams, with whom he has a daughter named Madeline. Tragically Cecily passed away in 2004 due to cancer. Since 2016, he was in a relationship with the singer & actress Sarah Spiegel and the duo got married in 2019.


Jeffrey Dean Morgan first got married to the actress Anya Longwell, but they separated in 2003. He would then engaged to the actress Mary Louise Parker for a while. But it was through Jensen Ackles who set him up on a bind date with Hilarie Burton. Their first child was born in 2010 whereas a daughter was born in 2018 after eight years of infertility. They have a 100-acre farm located in Rhineback. They both are also the co-owners of a Sweet Shop which they share with the actor Paul Rudd.



By Ivaylo Angelov

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