While you might know a lot about the show ‘Supernatural’, there’s plenty of stuff you have no idea of. The tale of two legendary brothers who drive in their father’s impala all across the country while dealing with monsters. The show has elements of all the genre. While the show is thoroughly entertaining and keeps the viewers forever in love with it. Imagine how much fun the entire process of making the show would be. Just how amazing it must have felt for Jensen and Jared to shoot everyday. We know how the entire production, actors, writers, are like one big family. They love pulling off jokes and pranks at each other. The lead actors of the show are notorious for pulling off pranks at the new comers.

So Take A Look At Supernatural Behind The Scenes Stories That Are Very Entertaining


This satire documentary was made by Misha Collins in 2013. This takes us to the behind-the-scenes, what it’s like on the set of the Supernatural. It provides us with the glimpses of the cast members and their typical day. Takes us to their trailers, how they shoot their scenes, what they eat, and how they manage to remain in shape despite such busy schedule.


The famous ‘Train Story’ is known by many of the fans. This story refers to an incident which happened in 2011 when Jared along with his wife Genevieve, and Richard Speight Jr. were traveling to attend a convention in Germany. They all boarded a train from Amsterdam to reach to Frankfurt. However, they forgot a suitcase at the station platform. They only learned about it when the train started leaving with the doors shut. Jared Padalecki would go on to hit the emergency stop button by breaking the glass. But interestingly, this not only stopped the train they were on, but it stopped all other trains in the surrounding.


There was a time when it was possible for the fans to connect to Dean Winchester through call. When John Winchester’s mobile number was revealed to the fans in the episode ‘Phantom Traveler’. This number turned out to be a genuine number which had a special pre-recorded message set from Dean Winchester. However, this number is now inactive. Interestingly, another number was revealed by Jared Padalecki which led to numerous fans calling on the set, and it interrupted the shooting. Within a short time, the phone was overwhelmed with hundreds of messages and the non-stop calls.


At the J2 SFCon 2017, Jared Padalecki who plays Sam Winchester revealed the story of the time when he thought he genuinely died. He flipped his car in Africa during the shooting of the film ‘Flight of the Phoenix’. The actor was trying to run away from the car because it believed it would explored. At the convention, Jared acted running in slow-motion, trying to get away from the car. He revealed the near death experience that he had when the car was flipped over, he was surprised to know that he’s still alive because he had accepted his fate. Jared further said that he was unable to locate his phone, he called himself ‘Spirit Jared’ who was having this out of body experience, trying to locate himself. Amazingly, the actor was trying to test if he is capable of flying now. To this, Jensen hilariously chuckled, the rules Jared came up with how long one has to be dead before they could fly.

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By Ivaylo Angelov

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