A birthday is an important day and it is an occasion that is celebrated across diverse cultures in different ways. Children especially are very excited about birthdays, but did you know the ‘fans’ can also be pretty thrilled when it’s the birthday of their favorite fictional character. Yes, you heard that right! Fans are one of a kind who would celebrate the birthday of their favorite character with great delight than they would celebrate their own. There are also various Supernatural fans who share a birthday with a character, are you also among the following?

So Take A Look At Supernatural Characters And Their Birthdays


Based on his birthday, Dean is an Aquarian. In the episode ‘The Usual Suspects’, he utters the famous quote ‘My Name is Dean Winchester’ where he mentions how he is an aquarian who enjoys sunsets, long beach walks, and women. Dean Winchester definitely has the majority of the signature Aquarian traits. Aquarians do not wear their heart on their sleeve, they might hide their emotions from others, but they feel too much. Their temperament might make them appear cold and distant. They are highly protective and loyal which is a character trait of Dean.


Sam Winchester definitely encompasses the best traits of a Taurus personality. He is very intelligent, dedicated, hardworking, and a person you can depend on without a second thought. Sam is not just brave, but also very empathetic and would put himself in harm’s way to protect the innocents. In Season 8, he took the trials on himself to shut the gates of hell forever which nearly took his life.


Kevin Tran was only a normal high school student, he never thought that he would play an important role in the events of the Supernatural. His life was completely changed once it was discovered that he was a prophet. Angels, demons, Leviathans, everybody started coming after him. Kevin trusted and helped the Winchesters which eventually cost him his life when Gadreel obliterated him. Sagittarians are free spirits, and intelligent, and they enjoy breaking the rules. Although Kevin had a conforming personality at the beginning, as the show progressed, he truly became a free person who chose to do what he believed in, not what he was told.


Bobby Singer was meant to be a character who would fill in for one episode, but he ended up becoming one of the important characters in SPN. An old friend of John who served as a father figure for the boys. One of the few characters to make appearances in most seasons after Sam and Dean. Season 12 introduced us to an Alternate Universe Bobby where Sam and Dean are never born so the apocalypse couldn’t be protected. Bobby is a true Leo who is fiercely loyal and protective of his closed ones.


The story of Supernatural starts with Mary and John. Mary came from a family of hunters, but she decided to settle in, and start a normal family, away from all sorts of Supernatural drama. But her old life followed her and marked her children. In the Season 12 finale, Amara resurrects Mary as a token of gratitude to Dean so he could let go of all his pain. Mary struggled to fit in the new world and the children she left have become grown-up adults now. To keep herself occupied, she joined British Men of Letters which caused her to be in a conflict with the boys.


Jack Kline’s birth was no less than a miracle. Many tried preventing him from coming into existence believing he was pure evil, but Jack provided that environment and social learning can triumph over genetics and biology. With Castiel and Winchesters over his shoulders to guide him, Jack learned what it is like to care. He learned to master his powers and do good using them. Taurus are well known for their traits of being dependable, trustworthy, sincere, and stubborn, Jack checks all the boxes.


While the character of Jessica has made only a couple of appearances, but her impact on SPN story is profound. It was her tragic demise that pushed Sam Winchester into returning to his life and avenging Jessica. The character of Jessica would make a few more appearances; one in Season 2 and one in Season 5. Adrianne Palicki who played Jessica would go on to appear in Agents of SHIELD which earned her global fame and also found herself in successful movies such as GI Joe, John Wick, and Legion.


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By Ivaylo Angelov

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