There was a time in Jared Padalecki’s career when he was used to being shirtless on set. During his recurring appearances on Gilmore Girls, and featured performances in films such as House of Wax and Friday the 13th, the actor sported his trademark abs (and timeless haircut) over and over again. But, his perhaps most thirst-trapiest of years fell when he played Sam Winchester on The CW’s smash hit series, Supernatural, during which he was seen without his top on somewhere around 70% of the time. These days, Padalecki says that his duties as a father keep him away from the gym and that it’s something fans of Eric Kripke’s The Boys need to take into account when it comes to his rumored cameo.

During a chat with Collider’s Christina Radish for his latest series, Walker, Padalecki revealed what it would take for him to reunite with the Supernatural creator on his latest show and follow in the footsteps of fellow alums including Jensen Ackles and Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

“Yeah, he has reached out to me,” Padalecki said of Kripke’s push to get him onto the hit Prime Video series,

“And my response to him 90% of the time is, “Dude, I’m 41 now with three kids. I’m not 25 and working out three hours a day. I know you’re going to fucking make me get naked, so give me a heads-up. I’m in, but let me get a nutritionist and a trainer and get in the hyperbaric chamber for eight months before you make me show up.” But yeah, it would obviously be a lot of fun to see Kripke again and to work on that show, which is a great show that I’m a fan of.”

A Project He Wouldn’t Want His Parents To See

The feeling of “I can’t believe they just did that” is one that every fan of The Boys—Padalecki included—has felt during its three-season run. Knowing that he’d be put up to doing some truly ridiculous and boundary-crossing things should he make an appearance, Padalecki said that although he shares “a sick sense of humor” with Radish, he’d be worried about his family’s reaction.

“I love watching it but imagine putting yourself in it. I’ve got kids. My mom and dad are still alive. I’ve got grandparents that are alive. I don’t know how to just unplug their electricity when the show airs.”

With Season 4 of The Boys just around the corner, Padalecki’s fellow Supernatural alum, Morgan, will be celebrating his first turn on the show just one season after Ackles stole hearts around the world as Soldier Boy. The season is set to premiere on June 13, and you can learn everything there is to know about it here in our guide. Stay tuned for the full interview tomorrow.


By Ivaylo Angelov

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