Note: The following article contains discussion of themes including suicidal ideation/thoughts.

Supernatural star Jared Padalecki has opened up about his mental health struggles, sharing how he once sought help for suicidal ideation.

During a candid chat on the latest episode of Tommy DiDario’s podcast I’ve Never Said This Before alongside his wife Genevieve, the actor explained that he had a “really low moment” in 2015.

He recalled that this led his thoughts to “take over and go into a place of dramatic suicidal ideation”, and when he spoke to Genevieve, she urged him to take time out and seek help immediately.

“I called my wife and she said, ‘Get home’,” Padalecki added. “And so, I got home, went to a clinic for a couple weeks and looked into it. And I haven’t been suicidal since — not for a moment.”

Padalecki further explained that he needed to put himself first for a while in recovering, saying: “I needed a full reset. I had spent 15 years in this industry.

“You know, when you go to an audition or a red carpet, they don’t want, ‘Jared, how are you doing today?’ ‘Oh man, today was rough, and like, I didn’t sleep.’

“They want, ‘Oh it’s great! Excited to be here!’ So I had done that for so long, trying to focus on… what’s best for the person who’s talking to me as opposed to just being honest.”

On seeking help, the Walker star said he’s not ashamed to speak publicly about his experiences and doesn’t “wear it as a scarlet letter,” adding: “I wear it proudly. I put it on my face and tell everybody…

“I needed a surgeon – not literally – but you know what I mean? I needed it and here I am…

“Like I said, today is a hard day, it’s been a hard month… but I’m in a great place with my wife, our children, my friends, my family.”

Padalecki added that “learning to seek help [and] open up” was a pivotal part of his mental health journey.

Padalecki went on to share how he still has “highs and lows,” with the day he recorded the podcast being a low for him given the recent cancellation of his CW show Walker.

“I’m fine, nothing to worry about, but I have a lot of sadness about Walker [being cancelled], the family,” he said.

“And again, my tears aren’t for myself. But I know I’ll be fine, because I’m talking to you about it, I talk to Gen about it, I talk to my friends about it.”

Padalecki concluded by encouraging listeners to seek help and open up if they need it, saying: “Please be open, please share, please find somebody, whether it’s a friend or a professional, and speak – speak your truth.

“And, just ’cause you’re low now, you know, meet with triumph and disaster and treat those two impostors just the same.”


By Damyan Ivanov

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