We’re expecting big things from season three of the Prime Video creation.
Unfortunately, we still have a five-month wait ahead of us before we get to sink our teeth back into ‘The Boys’. Fortunately, though, the series seems like it will be just as batsh*t as we might hope, according to new cast member Jensen Ackles.

Ackles is lined up to play the role of Soldier Boy, who is a new character being added to the huge line-up for the third season. This Supe is the original superhero, created by the controversial Compound V in the 1940s and even fought in World War II. His powers include super-strength, super speed, and expert use of his trusty shield.

In the comic books, written by Garth Ennis, Soldier Boy is the leader of The Seven’s rival superhero group, Payback. A number of new cast members have been added to the series, including Nick Wechsler as Blue Hawk.

Speaking on a recently-launched ‘Supernatural’ podcast with his former co-star Jared Padalecki (who played the Winchester brothers on the series for 15 seasons), Ackles said it was “super-great” to be joining the third season. However, he did say that because of his storyline, he’s warned his family away from watching the series.

He said: “I’ve told my family to not watch it. But everybody else should watch it. But… just not my mother.”

Considering that the upcoming season will be adapting a famously x-rated storyline from the comic books entitled ‘Herogasm’, it’s safe to say that we’ll be getting more than an eyeful of indecency later this year.

Jensen Ackles also talked about ‘The Boys’ on another recent podcast, where he described his character as a “jackass” that has been kept away in captivity. He revealed: “So what happens is – I don’t think this is any secret, I’m not giving anything away – they kind of find me and I’ve been essentially in captivity for a while. And so when they do, I’m bearded and I look like castaway but then they clean me up and I get my superhero outfit back on and I go to town.”

But ‘The Boys’ season three isn’t the only slice of superhero debauchery that we’ll be watching this year. ‘The Boys Presents: Diabolical’ is an animated series made up of short anthology animations set within the universe ruled by the Vought empire. The series hits Prime Video this March and a teaser trailer of what to expect was recently unleashed.

Ackles is currently developing a prequel series to ‘Supernatural’ called ‘The Winchesters’. The horror spin-off will be about Dean and Sam’s parents, John and Mary.

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