Castiel Might Be Killed Off Earlier Than Expected In The Finale of Supernatural

The well know actor Misha Collins who played role of an angel called Castiel shared a family photo with a big story in it.

The grandmother of the famous actor Misha tells him a story of how hard were the times in WWII.

The Description of the photo is:

“My grandmother is 95 and has been strictly quarantined for the past 2 months. I’ve been talking to her a lot on the phone lately and she’s been telling me stories about how hard it was to be home, writing letters to my grandfather and checking the mail every day, and praying for him to come home alive when he was deployed in 1944.
This #memorialday, I’m thinking about my grandfather and the risks he took and the friends he lost in WWII, but I’m also thinking about all the families and partners who have suffered through the loss of their loved ones or even suffered the pain of not knowing if someone you cherish will ever return to you.”

The photo is below: