Could a Supernatural reunion be on the cards on Jared Padalecki’s new show Walker?

While a few veterans of the cult show have hopped over to the new CW series, including Padalecki’s co-star and real-life wife Genevieve, Jensen Ackles appearing would no doubt be a big deal.

Well, the Sam Winchester actor has now teased that he “cannot wait” for the possibility of his Supernatural brother dropping by Walker.

“[Laughs] I cannot wait for Jensen to be on the show!” he told TVLine. “He’s doing The Boys right now with [Eric] Kripke in Toronto, so he’s not even in the same country.

“But one of these days, he’ll have to come on and be my bow-legged friend. We’ll put him on horseback and give him a cowboy hat.”

We certainly cannot wait either – and given that more Walker is on the way, there’s certainly a lot of opportunity for an appearance.

Ackles has shown his support for Padalecki’s new series, recently sharing a heartfelt Instagram post when the show premiered.

“Go get ’em cowboy,” he wrote. “@thecwwalker starts tonight starring this guy I know. @jaredpadalecki I better see some sweet roundhouse kicks!!!”

Fellow Supernatural star, and on-screen dad, Jeffrey Dean Morgan also shared his support, saying: “Just wanted to say congrats to my boy @jarpad.

“I’m damn proud of him for bringing #Walker back to life as the man, and the exec producer. Well done. And @GenPadalecki to boot?! Pretty damn cool. Love you.”


By Damyan Ivanov

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