The Walking Dead’s Samantha Morton is rushed to hospital [PHOTO]

Samantha Morton has revealed she was rushed to hospital on Monday night. The actress, 43, took to Twitter to urge her followers to ‘wear a mask’ as England was plunged into another COVID-19 lockdown, adding that she was ‘humbled’ seeing the work done by NHS staff first-hand. Samantha’s representative went later told MailOnline she was … Read more

Misha with Important instructions about how we could help the Caregivers [Video]

Misha Collins advises us to be one community and help each other by making homemade masks for the Hospitals The Angel we needed in real life is back to tell us, about how we could help the Hospitals by making homemade masks. Misha has been talking to doctor friends, about what can be done it … Read more

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ and other Shows are Supporting Real Hospitals againts Coronavirus

Topline: With many Hollywood productions suspending filming due to the coronavirus outbreak, some medical dramas are lending a hand to their real-life counterparts by donating supplies like face masks, hospital gowns and gloves to hospitals treating coronavirus patients. On Wednesday, Karen Law, a rheumatologist at Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta, thanked the team behind Fox’s … Read more

Misha Collins had a surgery! (Pictures)

Misha Collins had a surgery today. He shared that by a story in his Instagram profile, saying “I wore out my hips running too much with a condition called “dysplasia,” which is actually not as sexy as it sounds. Today I went in to get a titanium hp replacement from Dr. Berger in Chicago…” Affter … Read more

Nina Dobrev spends the night in the Emergency Room (Pictures)

Nina Dobrev spent the night in the emergency room and her bestie Julianne Hough was there to support her — and to document it all. Sunday night, Hough, 31, shared videos of her trip to the E.R. on her Instagram Story explaining, “Well, this is my night at the emergency room on a Sunday night … Read more