Legacies: Alaric Sends Josie Off To Mystic Falls High School [VIDEO]

The CW has shared a new clip ahead of tonight’s return of Legacies, “To Whom it May Concern.” In the scene, Josie is getting ready for her first day at Mystic Falls High School, and Alaric, like the proud dad he is, has packed her lunch and her bag for her. He proclaims his excitement … Read more

Ian Somerhalder’s comeback to Mystic Falls For Legacies

It’s only been a couple of years since The Vampire Diaries ended. In TV time, though, that feels like far longer, so it’s lucky for fans that the series got its own spinoff with Legacies (and The Originals). Still, as much as they’re invested in the spinoff, fans always wonder whether any of The Vampire Diaries alum could appear on the show. Recently, Ian … Read more