Lucifer showrunner Joe Henderson responded to a review by the National Catholic Reporter

Lucifer showrunner Joe Henderson had a positive response to a review from the National Catholic Reporter. The review was first posted to NCR before being shared on Twitter by Henderson. “As someone raised Catholic, and who is very proud of how we examine faith in #Lucifer, I very much enjoyed this and appreciate the deep … Read more

Quick Review of ‘Money Heist’ (La Casa De Papel) Season 4

The gang are back and this time the stakes are higher than ever. La Casa de Papel (otherwise known by the rather underwhelming English name of Money Heist) is back in full force with its fourth season, allowing us to replace our current apocalyptic stress with the tensions that arise whilst our lovable team of … Read more

A Review of this Week’s Brooklyn 99

A review of this week’s Brooklyn Nine-Nine, “Trying,” coming up just as soon as I slut-shame a guinea pig… That is very much more like it. In recent weeks, I’ve grown a bit frustrated with Nine-Nine not only repeating old patterns, but ones that the show had mostly evolved beyond, particularly when it comes to … Read more

‘The Outsider’ Recap of Episode 7 Season 1

The seventh episode of HBO’s The Outsider is the series’ simplest in terms of plotting, which makes what author Dennis Lehane brings to it so essential to its success. It’s not unfair to say that “In the Pines, In the Pines” is filler, padding out the season on the way to the endgame of the … Read more

Ragnarok’s First Season Review

With a plethora of Norse mythology across contemporary pop culture, it’s miraculous that Netflix’s Ragnarok has any surprises in it at all. Through no fault of its own, the show from writer Adam Price and director Mogens Hagedorn is operating on the back foot from the very beginning, as anyone with even a passing interest … Read more