It looks like Supernatural co-stars Rob Benedict and Ruth Connell are dating

Stars Rob Benedict and Ruth Connell have been long-time colleagues on the CW’s Supernatural. With the show’s 15 seasons coming to a close this November, it’s no wonder that lasting friendships and relationships have been established. It wouldn’t be the first time co-workers have dated on a CW show (just ask the casts of The … Read more

The ‘Supernatural’ cast with some final words about the end (PHOTOS and VIDEOS)

The cast from ‘supernatural’ shared some last words in their social media profiles, about their experience in the last years in the show. Some of them are Jensen Ackles (Dean Winchester), Jared Padalecki (Sam Winchester), Jim Beaver (Bobby Singer), Ruth Connell (Rowena), Matt Cohen, Davis Jones (Arthur Ketch), Mark Sheppard (Crowley), Misha Collins (Castiel), Felicia … Read more