Kaley Cuoco recreates classic ‘The Big Bang Theory’ scene [VIDEO]

Kaley Cuoco has taken part in her first Tik Tok skit and the actress recreated one of the most iconic scenes from The Big Bang Theory. The 34-year-old famously played Penny for 12 years on the hit sitcom and she had some fun acting act one of the funniest scenes her character shared with Sheldon … Read more

The Greates Fight Scence in Arrow’s Finale according to Stephen Amell

Arrow star Stephen Amell teased what he refers to as “the action sequence to end all action sequences” for the show’s series finale. “It was like, okay, it’s our last kick at the can. Let’s do the action sequence to end all action sequences for Arrow,” Amell told Collider. “The coolest thing is that, I want to say, … Read more

The last Scenes of ‘Arrow’ are over

After eight seasons, Stephen Amell is finally done playing Oliver Queen. For the past week, members of the Arrow cast and crew have been shooting the series finale, “Fadeout.” Now, star Stephen Amell has announced he filmed his final scene for the show. “Words can’t even begin to express what Arrow has meant to me,” Amell wrote on … Read more