Review of ‘Space Force’ starring Steve Carell and John Malkovich

There was, clearly, no expense spared in the making of “Space Force.” Imagining what a Space Force branch of the military might actually look like outside the bounds of President Trump’s imagination (though the show never mentions him by name), the new comedy is a splashy flex of Netflix’s powers. It boasts the co-creator team … Read more

‘The Office’ – Why did Steve Carell after season 7 leave

“Oh, this is going to feel so good, getting this off my chest … that’s what she said.”   Almost a decade has gone since Steve Carell shouted those churlish last words and went away from the small-screen position which made him a family name, hard as it might be to think. Michael Scott’s role was that of the charming-slash-infuriatingly tone-deaf man kid who served as Scranton’s Regional Manager, the Dunder Mifflin branch of Pennsylvania. The show was, of course, the groundbreaking mockumentary comedy. The Office by … Read more