Superheros and their stories have grown rapidly popular since the rise of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. While stand-alone films were already common, including Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy or Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy, Marvel changed the game. The company made superheroes the new gods of blockbuster cinema, leading to a superhero boom that led to The Boys and Invincible.

The Boys especially grew popular for its brutal take on the superhero industry in a capitalistic world. It reveals the intent behind superhero creation, the corruption behind it, and how superheroes would realistically act in such a crooked world. In The Boys, superheroes are not so different from the villains that taint their world. More so, The Boys introduces plenty of corrupt heroes behind a corrupted institution, leading to some of the best villains on modern television.

Played by Jessie T. Usher

A-Train is part of The Seven, the only speedster of the group. Like all supes in the show, he was injected with Compound V, a liquid that provides normal humans with superpowers. A-Train is immediately introduced as an antagonist and villain when he carelessly kills Hughie’s girlfriend, one of The Boys’ wildest deaths. Vought covers the incident by claiming A-Train was acting on superhero instinct and stopping a bank robbery, a story he is all too happy to go with.

Although A-Train is not necessarily a full-on villain, he still commits several considerable crimes. He consistently sides with The Seven even when Homelander has an intense dislike for him. The thing is, A-Train is not inherently bad; however, his selfish, mercurial, and duplicitous personality often gets the best of him. Season 3 sees A-Train undergo a redemption arc, although his future remains unsure.

Black Noir
Played by Nathan Mitchell

Black Noir is another member of The Seven. Although he does not have any special or particular power, his abilities and skills rely purely on stealth. Not much is known about him due to him being mute, although he has a complicated history with Soldier Boy, who disfigured him and damaged his brain to the point he often hallucinates cartoon characters. Although Black Noir’s original purpose was to keep a close eye on Homelander, the two seemingly set up an alliance in The Boys Presents: Diabolical.

Throughout the series, Black Noir and Homelander seem relatively close, trusting one another until the end of Season 3, where Homelander kills Black Noir due to a personal betrayal. Black Noir is more of a remorseful character than any of the other villains, making it difficult to fully dislike him, especially after the trauma that he’s been through. However, he still works with Homelander and is ruthless enough to enable the supes’ debauchery.

Madelyn Stillwell
Played by Elisabeth Shue

Madelyn Stillwell is one of the primary antagonists in Season 1 of The Boys. She helps manage The Seven, the leading superheroes protecting the country. Although she is not a supe, Madelyn is still at the forefront as vice president of Vought International, pulling the strings behind the scenes. She works closely with The Seven, especially Homelander.

Considered the secondary antagonist of Season 1, Madelyn Stillwell controls everything, including Homelander. She is manipulative, weaving lies into Homelander’s mind to tame him. Her goals include incorporating the supes into the military for a wide-scale plan of fighting globally. Although she is despicable, often contributing to Homelander’s lack of humanity, Madelyn’s story ends at the end of Season 1. While Elisabeth Shue knocks the role out of the park, Madelyn is somewhat undeveloped, especially compared to other villains in the show.

Played by Shawn Ashmore

Lamplighter was part of Vought’s original Seven before being expelled for unclear reasons. After his expulsion, Lamplighter was left to “clean up” failed experiments. Introduced in Season 2, Lamplighter works with Stormfront to create a potent Compound V that is safe for adult superheroes to take.

Unfortunately, and despite Shawn Ashmore’s eerie performance, Lamplighter is more of a forgettable villain in this crowded world. Although not among the most striking or strongest characters in The Boys, Lamplighter’s actions prove him a well-written villain, especially as he is the cause behind the deaths of Grace Mallory’s grandchildren. If only he had received more attention, he could’ve risen among The Boys’ villainy ranks.

Victoria Neuman
Played by Claudia Doumit

Victoria Neuman, previously known as Nadia, is a new villain introduced in the series. As a congresswoman of the United States running an anti-supe platform, she serves as an antagonist in Seasons 2 and 3. At first, Victoria seems set on exposing the truth behind Vought and their corrupted superheroes. However, it is later revealed that she is the “head-popper,” a supe with the power to cause heads to explode.

Like Madelyn, Victoria is interested only in using others through a means of manipulation, going as far as to make a deal with Homelander in The Boys’ season 3 finale. She is cunning, sneaky, and an impressive liar, hiding her true intentions from some of the story’s most significant characters. There’s more to be seen of Victoria, and it’s clear that she’s being set up as a primary antagonist alongside Homelander.

The Deep
Played by Chace Crawford

The Deep is another member of The Seven with aquatic powers. Although charming at first, The Deep is soon revealed as a depraved, lying, manipulative creep. Although he is released from The Seven for sexually assaulting Starlight, The Deep repeatedly commits crimes, and even after his attempted “redemption” period, he feels no remorse for his actions.

Despite his attractive exterior, The Deep is an immediately despicable character that viewers will undoubtedly hate. And yet, The Deep is also a buffoon; hardly anyone in the show takes him seriously, and his antics are often played for comedic value. Although he’s never been a primary antagonist, the Deep remains a sufficiently reprehensible character to rank among The Boys’ worst

Stan Edgar
Played by Giancarlo Esposito

Stan Edgar is the CEO of Vought International, working behind the scenes, controlling the supes. Following Sitwell’s path, he continues to introduce superheroes into the military. Confident, highly intelligent, and remarkably influential, Stan Edgar isn’t afraid of standing his ground to anyone, even the Homelander. That is what makes him terrifying as a villain: Stan does not fear humanity’s worst enemy.

In fact, Stan Edgar might be more powerful than Homelander, thanks to his influence in the company and media. He is corruption embodied, caring only about corporate interests and treating human lives as exchangeable and disposable. Stan is definitely one of the best human characters in The Boys, boasting a tremendous performance from the ever-reliable Giancarlo Esposito.

Played by Aya Cash

Formerly known as Liberty, Stormfront is a major antagonist of Seasons 2 and 3. She joined The Seven and initially served as a rival to Homelander before the two entered a relationship. Behind the scenes, Stormfront is a nazi, white supremacist, and a racist who killed people mindlessly. At one point, her beliefs are enough to make Homelander uncomfortable.

Stormfront is truly a villain to hate. Sadistic and genuinely bigoted, she is an awful person who will stop at nothing to shape the world to her idea of perfection. Her considerable abilities make her all the more dangerous, especially because she ranks among the most powerful supes in the show. Stormfront eventually meets a grizzly end at her own hands, no less, leaving behind considerable destruction in her wake.

Soldier Boy
Played by Jensen Ackles

Soldier Boy is a close second when it comes to the best villains in The Boys. He is introduced in Season 3 as the original superhero, way before Homelander came to be. Arguably stronger than Homelander, Soldier Boy is one of the primary villains of Season 3. Similarly to Homelander, Soldier Boy did Vought’s and the U.S. government’s dirty work. After being rescued from a Russian facility, he is revealed to be an unstable superweapon.

Although he is a danger to society, it seems he doesn’t care. Still, Soldier Boy is a fascinating character with much room to explore. The Boys is famous for showcasing terrible characters, and Soldier Boy is a prime candidate for a spin-off. He might be a morally depraved, ruthless killing machine, but he’s also a layered depiction of evil that ranks among the franchise’s best characters.

Played by Antony Starr

Homelander is the head and face of The Seven and the main antagonist of The Boys. Similarly to Soldier Boy, Homelander is a mentally unstable psychopath with more powers than anyone else in the world. He also has a god complex and several paraphilias, making him a fascinating character but a cruel and dangerous villain.

Homelander never appears to have any morals or sense of right or wrong. His villainous side is not just seen through his mindless killing, but also through his manipulation tactics, blackmail, and unforgiving nature. Unlike other characters, Homelander is completely irredeemable. What’s more, he doesn’t seek nor need forgiveness, making him not one of the best villains on television.



By Ivaylo Angelov

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