The Big Bang Theory star Melissa Rauch’s series Night Court has lost a principal cast member for its upcoming second season.

The sitcom, which is a reboot of the ’80s series of the same name, premiered earlier this year and was quickly renewed for a second outing.

However, it has now been revealed that co-star Kapil Talwalkar will not be back as court clerk Neil, with TVLine reporting that the show wants to go in a different creative direction with an emphasis on a wider range of characters as in the original show.

Night Court focuses on Rauch’s character Abby Stone, who takes over from her father as a judge on the night shift at a Manhattan Criminal Court.

The actress previously teased a potential romance between Abby and Neil in the future, telling Deadline earlier this year that a “love triangle” could develop between the two and her current boyfriend, Rand.

“As she’s finally finding her footing in New York and realizing what she wants, she’s also coming to terms with what she wants in her relationship, too,” Rauch explained.

“And it also sets up a sort of love triangle with Neil and what the potential there could be in his feelings for her — which we will discover down the line and see how that unfolds.”

With Talwalkar not set to return, this storyline likely won’t play out.

Night Court became a massive success upon its launch on NBC this year, earning the biggest comedy premiere since The Conners on ABC in 2018.

Upon the series’ renewal, NBCUniversal Television and Streaming’s president of scripted content Lisa Katz said: “It’s so rewarding to have audiences respond and return to a show in which they have such incredibly warm feelings, and, more broadly, it’s [a] testament to how broadcast is still a huge driver of communal viewing.

“A huge thank you to our studio partners, a wonderful cast, incredibly talented writers and producers, and a crew that has transformed a lower Manhattan courtroom into a true family.”


By Ivaylo Angelov

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