The Big Bang Theory star Courtney Henggeler is doing something unusual for her and actually posting a candid bikini selfie on her social media. The Cobra Kai actress, 44, shared a black and white picture of herself lounging in a black bikini, with cats photoshopped in. “Me: ‘I’d never post a bikini picture on social media’ Also me: ‘But what if there are cats involved?’ In honor of my new @caddis_life sunglasses please enjoy these rare and not at all weird photos of me in a bathing suit. With cats. Cats. They’re like backup dancers. But cats. And thank you @caddis_life for helping me read perfectly normal sized print that has now eluded me in my old age,” she captioned the post. Henggeler is refreshingly honest about aging in Hollywood—here are her tips and tricks.

Pilates and Strength Training


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Henggeler loves Pilates and strength training for her body and her mind. “There are a few things I need to do for myself to run efficiently and happily,” she says. “If I stray too far from doing the things I need to do, I start to get real squirrelly, and not in a good way. I need to exercise daily. I love Pilates, but old school strength training is what really gets my brain straight. I need to do 20 minutes of meditation, which is usually the first thing out the window when my life gets too crazy. And it’s the first thing I’ll bring back when I know I’m entering ‘Squirellyland’ (once again, probably isn’t a thing).”

Henggeler focuses on meditation for self-care, although she doesn’t always have time. “I wish I could say weekly massages, monthly facials and pedicures on the regular,” she says. “But at this point, if I can blow dry my hair in a presentable fashion these days, I call that a win. Meditation is up there too. I love wine a lot. Like, a lot. But I’ve found that limiting my wine habit to the weekends only, helps me be more motivated and happier (go figure. Also, bummer).”

Honest About Aging
Henggeler is honest about the realities of aging, and refuses to pretend it’s as simple as drinking more water. “I’m using a doctor to help me age,” she says. “I’m okay with it, but aging is something I struggle with too. There are actresses who don’t do a thing to their face, and the confidence they have is impressive. I think if we were all aging without help, I would be okay with my face being the way it is. But no one seems to be. We rarely know what a normal 40-year-old looks like anymore. And in the world of social media, people often look unrealistic. It’s hard. I find myself wanting to stay on track and also want to preserve what’s mine as much as I can. I’m not trying to change it, but I do want to keep it.”

Motherhood Life Changes
Henggeler says motherhood has changed her life completely. “It’s given me tangible gratitude,” she says. “I look at these two adorable, insane children and I can’t believe I get to keep them. I’m so aware of how I speak to myself now because they observe and take in everything. I want to raise kind, confident children and you can’t do that if you’re constantly criticizing yourself. Also, less drinking. Ever wake up with a hangover and a 2 year old? That’ll end your boozing days real fast.”

Sunscreen and No Sugar


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Henggeler rarely eats sugar these days and is diligent with sunscreen. “I do believe in diet a lot for skin,” she says. “And sunscreen. I was child of the ’90s who bathed herself in baby oil and laid out. I was like, ‘I’m invincible.’ Now I’m like, ‘Oh, God, I’m not.’ I started using Suntegrity. They have a tinted five-in-one mineral sunscreen, which I love because it also really moisturizes and it’s a clean brand. It’s my favorite thing that I’ve purchased all year.”

By Damyan Ivanov

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