The Big Bang Theory star Kaley Cuoco has unveiled a hair transformation for the winter season.

The actress took to her Instagram Story to show off her new hair colour, trading her trademark blonde locks for a stunning seasonal shade.

Celebrity hair colourist Kait Rancipher also shared a video of the latest hair transformation to her salon’s Instagram feed.

“A whole hair surgery over here! Thank you @kaleycuoco for trusting me and my process,” she wrote, alongside a close-up Reel showcasing the star’s darker hair.

Cuoco found global fame for her breakout role as aspiring actress Penny in The Big Bang Theory. The hit US sitcom followed two socially awkward physicists as they navigate the world outside the science lab.

The actress has since gone on to star in thriller The Flight Attendant, which earned her Emmy and Golden Globe nominations.

The HBO show follows Cassie Bowden, who wakes up to find a dead body next to her — following a night of heavy drinking. Instead of calling the police, the flight attendant decides to clean up the scene herself.

Following the release of the second season in 2022, Cuoco has revealed how difficult she found filming the follow-up instalment.


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“I’ve done so much light-hearted comedy stuff … I’m not that type of actor where I get too stuck in it,” she told CinemaBlend. “I usually can separate [personal and professional life]. I do feel like probably the weirdest year of TV for me was season two of Flight Attendant.”

She continued: “I had so much stuff going on in my personal life. It wasn’t that I brought it home with me but … but that character was so messed up, and I personally felt so messed up. So it felt like it was just 24/7 depression, in a way.”


By Ivaylo Angelov

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