The Big Bang Theory star Mayim Bialik responds to reunion rumours

The Big Bang Theory came to an end almost two years ago, but already there are rumours that the cast could be reuniting for a reboot or a reunion, especially with streaming services relying on reviving well-known intellectual properties for exclusive content.

Amy Farrah Fowler actress Mayim Bialik was recently asked about the possibility of getting the gang back together, but made it clear it probably won’t be happening anytime soon.

Bialik said that while she’d be up for it, more time needs to be pass before the powers that be seriously consider it.

“Because we just finished, it’s kind of hard to think about [a] reunion or reboot,” the actress told Hollywood Life. “I’m a happy Warner Bros employee, I have a production company there.

“Anything more Warner Bros would like, I’m pretty much available. So, don’t have to ask me twice!”

But while we may be waiting a while to see the cast back together, Bialik recently revealed that she’s tried to land a role on a Marvel or a DC studio many times over the years, including very narrowly missing out on a role as a teacher in a Spider-Man movie.

However, she’s still positive she’ll make it into a superhero project soon enough.

“I’d like to believe that one day it might happen,” she said during an interview with Insider.

“I’m past the young ingénue character, but I still think there might be a place for me. I’m a huge Marvel and DC person, but obviously DC is my Warner Bros family. I’m pretty partial to that.”


Ivaylo Angelov
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