The Boys gets in on the Super Bowl trailer festivities with a faux ad for Vought International.

Shared to X by the Vought International account, the one-minute trailer is stylized as an ad that would air during the Super Bowl. The commercial utilizes clips from The Boys to showcase Homelander and other members of The Seven at their brightest and most charitable moments. It also serves as an ad for Turbo Rush, the fictional beverage featured in the series with A-Train as its mascot. The post for the shared trailer teased, “Today, Vought brings you an exclusive new ad for The Big Game. Rated ‘Too Patriotic’ for TV, this is a love letter to AMERICA. Please enjoy with an ice cold Turbo Rush!”

“Freedom. Football. Family. Horses. Words synonymous with Vought and this great nation,” the commercial’s narrator says in the video. “Vought may be international now, but it was American first. Born from the hands of hard working men and women, just like you, who know the value of an honest day’s labor. Vought is more than a company. It’s a testament of what American can do together. Today, we salute the real heroes, the ones who keep this country safe and sound, by cracking open an ice cold Turbo Rush for the big game. To freedom. To football. To family. To horses.”

The Boys Season 4 Is Coming Soon to Prime Video
The video’s release comes ahead of the anticipated fourth season of The Boys. It’s known that Season 4 is coming in 2024, but a premiere date hasn’t been revealed by Amazon at this point. A trailer for the new season was released in December, revealing a sneak peek at The Walking Dead star Jeffrey Dean Morgan joining the cast. Season 4 has also been teased with election-themed posters featuring Homelander (Antony Starr) and Billy Butcher (Karl Urban).

Meanwhile, the franchise further expands with its multiple spinoff shows. Gen V was a big success when it debuted on Prime Video in 2023, and it has since been renewed for a second season. That was followed by the announcement of another spinoff series, dubbed The Boys: Mexico, that is also entering development. Blue Beetle writer Gareth Dunnet-Alcocer is on board to write, and actors Diego Luna nad Gael García Bernal are producing.


By Ivaylo Angelov

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