The Last of Us spoilers follow.

The Last of Us stars Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey have shared their approach to filming the show’s emotional scenes, revealing how they supported each other while on set.

In an interview with Deadline about the hugely successful apocalypse series, the pair were asked how they approached their roles as Joel and Ellie as well as preparing for the harrowing storyline.

The pair explained how they would lean inwards to each other emotionally while filming. “We definitely complimented each other’s mood systems. And granted, we can lean into this kind of conversation,” Pascal said.

“But in a place of sensitive awareness, if she was feeling incompetent or I was feeling incompetent… whenever we were afraid, we couldn’t be afraid together.”

He added: “If Bella was afraid, I had to see that from the outside and know that she had nothing to fear. And it was very mutual.”

Ramesy added that they would often repeat back advice Pascal gave to them previously while filming.

Recalling one particular scene shooting inside a car, the actor explained how they dealt with feeling overwhelmed. “I remember [when we filmed scenes] in the car in the studio, there was so much going on outside of the car,” Ramsey said.

“I remember us being like, ‘It’s just the two of us. Just forget about everybody else, this is just our own world’.”

Following the series premiere earlier this year The Last of Us has received massive critical and commercial success, being renewed for a second run – meaning there will be plenty more harrowing encounters for Joel and Ellie.

Pascal recently revealed that he’s yet to see the finale, revealing that he still feels attached to his time working on the first season.


By Ivaylo Angelov

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